Friday 7 June 2019

No Surrender 2 - The List and the Lore


It's coming! Soon I will be attending No Surrender 2: The Corruption - the second installment of a 40k narrative style tournament/get together event thing organised by Moarhammer Patrons, mostly Richie aka The Wizard of Filth, and Winters guest The Claw. I'll be playing in the tournament (for at least one game) - a 1250 point knock out tournament with narrative focused restrictions such as no special characters and no use of command point rerolls! Aside from that, there will be plenty of people and tables about so when/if I get knocked out, I'm hoping to have a go at Adeptus Titanicus.

I've decided to bring the Orks and Nipper the Gargantuan Squiggoth! Some might consider it cheesy to bring a big forgeworld stompy thing in a fluffy narrative event, but I must remind those people that Nipper is really quite lovable and just wants to give everyone a big toothy kiss, and that he has never yet survived a game of 40k, in any edition. Also I could have taken another 60 odd boyz instead, which would be much less fun.

Here is my list:

Snakebite Battalion:

Warboss (Attack Squig, Kombi-Skorcha, Power Klaw, Warlord trait: Brutal but Kunnin)
Weirdboy (Warphead, Warpath, Da Jump, Relic: Brogs Buzzbomb)

30 Boyz (Sluggas and Choppas, 3x Tankbusta Bombs, Boss Nob, Powerklaw)
10 Boyz (Shootas, Tankbusta Bombs, Boss Nob, Kustom Shoota)
10 Boyz (Shootas, Tankbusta Bombs, Boss Nob, Kustom Shoota)

6 Nobz (6x Big Choppas and Sluggas, Boss Nob)
6 Tankbustas (6x Rokkit Launchas, Boss Nob)

Dedicated Transport:
Trukk (Big Shoota)

Snakebite Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment:

Lord of War:
Gargantuan Squiggoth (Big Zzappa, Supa-Lobba)

As mentioned, it's narrative, so there has to be some lore behind our forces to explain what they are doing. Loosely speaking, the forces are all fighting over the twin planets known to the Orks as Ohme in the Eos Galanza system. Here is what I've come up with:

The rusty iron door swung open, letting in the raucous noise of an Ork camp and silhouetting a skinny, hunched figure. The hulking greenskins within turned, red eyes glowing with the reflection of a roaring, barely controlled fire. The room appeared as something between a military command centre and a pub - a central table covered in beer stained charts and documents was being largely ignored during what had obviously been a heated discussion by the occupants until the newcomer had arrived.

He stepped inside, shedding a mange riddled fur mantle, and approached the table. Three hefty Orks nearest the door moved to intercept him, vicious, two handed axes at the ready. The intruder grinned widely at them, halting them in their tracks. Though they towered over him, something made them hold back rather than violently expelling him. The other figures at the table watched on as he reached the centre of the room.

"Ere then, I know we is goin' to Ohme." The intruder spoke confidently, using the table to lift himself up to his full height and look eye to eye with the other, larger Orks. "It's gonner be a gurt fight, and we is all lookin forward to it. But when we take over, we's gonner need two bosses to run fings, cuz there is two planets, see?"

One of the others, a manic looking Ork with a bulging eye and conical orange hat, nodded, and replied. "Dat's wot I's been sayin. We need anovver boss to keep da boyz in line when you is on da ovver planet Boss."

The last ork, an enormous brute, stood from his creaking chair, almost denting the ceiling with his massive head. He grinned, barely able to keep his huge fangs inside his lips at any rate, revealing one deep red tooth.

"Dis planet Ohme. It's gonner be a big scrap. Then we is gonner take over, and I'm gonner be in charge of both of 'em. Da tribe all knows I is da boss, cuz I has da Red Toof!"

The Nobz at the door nodded at their Warboss and his wisdom. It was well known that the Warboss always had the Red Tooth, that's why they called him Redtoof. However the newcomer did not seem intimidated, replying as if the warboss were just a simple grot.

"You may be da Boss cuz you have A red toof, but dat means I'm also da Boss..."

He grinned again, triumphantly. Sure enough, one of his front teeth was an unmistakable shade of red. In the moment of tension followed, warboss Redtoof spoke very slowly and deliberately.

"You is just a yoof. You hasn't been with da tribe long. Let me show you how dis works..."

Quick as lightning, he cleared the table, scattering the charts and beer mugs everywhere. Before anyone could blink, his hand held the young Ork's throat in a vice-like grip. Redtoof squeezed, feeling his would-be usurper struggle to breath. Then with a crack like a gunshot, he drove his head into the young Ork's nose, showering both of their faces in deep red blood. Reeling backwards, the youth dropped to his knees to beg for mercy, but his warboss did not stop. Redtoof thrust his clawed fingers deep into the intruder's mouth, and pulled upwards, lifting him up off the floor by his jaw. He reached inside with his other hand, and accompanied by a yelp, he removed the red tooth.

"Now I has two Red Teef, so I'm deffo da Boss. Two Teef, two planets, one Boss. Got dat?"

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