Tuesday 29 May 2018

More Admech - Skitarii Vanguard


More Adeptus Mechanicus work recently. This time some troops, Skitarii Vanguard! I decided to go Vanguard rather than Rangers as I already have a unit of Rangers and now that the Ryza Forge World Dogma is a thing I thought I might occasionally use the -1 toughness ability from the Vanguard's Rad Saturation to benefit the reroll wound rolls of a 1 in melee. If I remember the trait even exists of course! So here they are:

Of course the Radium Carbines have to glow green. It's radiation! I also tried to make their armour look especially dirty, as they have a certain trench warfare feel to them. Perhaps the servitors that clean their armour keep dying of radiation poisoning?

The full squad is 10, all with Radium Carbines, an Enhanced Data-tether and a Powersword on the Alpha. The sword is a bit of a luxury that will be one of the first things to drop when I need to shave points (though it might catch some people out with the aforementioned -1 toughness) so I painted it gold rather than glowing to represent a normal sword if required. I also plan to use the Data-tether as a second Alpha if I need to split the unit into two for minimum size troops.

They may be a bit busy, but I'm fairly happy with how the turned out. The glowing shoulder lamps in particular I'm happy with, as I used a similar technique on my Ranger squad but it wasn't quite as noticeable.

And here we have the Skitarii Vanguard in it's natural habitat - alongside the other Skitarii infantry. You'll notice the orange is a bit redder for this unit - while it's not as obvious in real life, it is a sad result of my ever diminishing pot of Macharius Solar Orange. *Cries in binary*

Adeptus Mechanicus on the workbench - Ruststalkers


I've been working on my Ad Mech. Forge World Ryza and allied Knights from House Taranis! I have a small force (including this Imperial Knight) that I am expanding out to give myself some further options, including the contents of Forgebane and some other purchases.

For a bit of fun, I'm taking part in the ETL over on the Bolter and Chainsword forum, a annual-ish painting competition/motivation device. It boils down to me needing to paint all this by August:

So first up I started on the Sicarian Ruststalkers, an eBay purchase already built and sprayed silver. Had a bit of fun painting the Transonic weapons, trying my (somewhat unsteady) hand at Duncan's method. Also saw an excuse to whack a transfer on the Princeps.

And after that I got all buildy on Plasma Destroyers number 4, 5 and 6 - Seen here next to no. 1. Some minor modifications here from the Breachers for variety. Then later got rad saturated gluing Skitarii Vanguard together - Seen alongside a painted Ranger Alpha. Was planning a bare-bones squad with the Data-tether, but I couldn't resist adding a cheeky 4 point power sword on the Alpha. Might get some use out of Rad Saturation combining with the Ryza reroll 1s to wound.

Ad Mech Update - Kataphron Destroyers


I've done some more work on my Ryza Adeptus Mechanicus, finishing the 3 Plasma Culverin armed Kataphron Destroyers, boosting my existing unit to 6. Here they are:

As you might be able to see, I love the Forge World weathering powders, which were used extensively here, dulled down at the end with a blast of purity seal. I'm pleased with the overall look of the plasma glow (though it is not very impressive up close and in person, it does photograph quite well!) and with how well they match the previous 3, which I painted some time ago and since forgot all the steps I took! I also couldn't resist some pics of all 6 together:

Finally, since it is related, here is a sneaky peak at my army for my next game against John. No new models in this one but some sneaky individuals from the Wife's collection that haven't yet seen the table in 8th...

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Battle Report - Adeptus Mechanicus vs Chaos Space Marines


I played another game against regular-opponent-John this week. I took Adeptus Mechanicus and friends, he took Chaos Marines, and we both had Knights! It was 2000 points, Maelstrom mission: Sealed Orders.

I took a Ryza Battalion, a Super Heavy Auxiliary and the special FAQ Assassin Vanguard. I was interested to see how useful the Assassins are now in 8th/post FAQ.
HQ: Tech Priest Dominus, Tech Priest Enginseer
Troops: 10 Rangers, 3 Arc Breachers, 3 Plasma Destroyers
Elites: Callidus, Culexus, Eversor and Vindicare Assassins, Cybernetica Datasmith
Heavy Support: Neutron Onager, 3 Robots, 2 with guns, 1 with fists (I'm experimenting with mixed units as a combat deterrent)
Lord of War: Knight Crusader aka Lord Camulus

John took an Emperor's Children Battalion and a Superheavy Auxiliary.
HQ: Lord on Steed, Sorcerer on Steed, Prince
Troops: 2 units of about 12 Cultists, 18 Noise Marines
Heavy Support: Deredeo Dread with Butcher Cannon Arrays, Leviathan Dread with Butcher cannon and Claw
Lord of War: Renegade Acheron (this thing is scary)

Deployment. We tied on the roll to go first twice, but John got it in the end after getting his force down first.

I tried to hide my destroyers behind the blue crates but they were never going to get out of LoS of all those Noise Marines. I chose Shroudpsalm for my first Canticle.

John's first turn was fairly brutal, though low scoring. All his shooting killed the Destroyers, forced the Rangers to flee and dropped the Breachers to a single model who proceeded to get stomped on by the Knight. A lot of fire also went into the Kastelans, but thanks to Aegis Protocols they all survived. John got a point for an objective and one for first blood.

In response I brought on the Vindicare in the watch tower (he proceeded to take a single wound off the Sorcerer and do nothing else) and mobilised the Knight. Lord Camulus fired up the Thermal Cannon and blasted a huge chunk of wounds off the Acheron, and with assistance from the Onager and Dominus' Weapon XCIX relic reduced it below half. The Gatling cannon went into the Noise Marines, as did the double shooting Kastelans, reducing them to just the two Blastmasters after morale. 

Camulus positioned himself for a good kick up the rear of that naughty Knight. In hindsight I should have charged from the Acheron's right hand side to stay away from the Leviathan, but I couldn't resist a cheeky bum kicking.

Camulus took heavy damage from the overwatch but kicked away to reduce the renegade to 4 wounds. The brave Datasmith also went in, dealing another wound with his powerfist. The stumbling Acheron did a couple of wounds to the Datasmith in return. I scored a point for an objective and discarded a bunch of difficult cards.

In John's turn heavy firepower got rid of the Robots, even though I rolled for Canticles and got Shroudpsalm again. A bit of fire also stripped some wounds from my Knight, before melee happened. The Warptimed Leviathan barreled into Camulus, aided by the Prince, while the limping Acheron charged in to finish off the Datasmith. Overwatch was disappointing, and the Leviathan hit and wounded all four times, going right through the Knight's armour. Then I rolled a 6...

The resulting explosion wounded the Leviathan and the Prince, killed the Renegade Knight before it could fight, leaving the Datasmith standing alone on 1 wound! Most of my army was dead but it was totally worth it for that!

My turn 2 and I brought in the remaining Assassins. The Eversor popped up at the back to kill some cultists and claim Behind Enemy Lines. The Culexus appeared near-ish the Sorcerer, blasting him, though not fatally. The Callidus (who, by the way, had cost John 2 extra command points in the first turn so was probably already ahead at this point) aimed for the seriously wounded prince with her Neural Shredder, dropping it to 2 wounds before charging in. Elsewhere the Vindicare missed the Sorcerer, while the Ryza forces put a bit of damage on the Leviathan.

In combat the Callidus only landed one wound with the C'tan Phase Sword, leaving the Prince to strike back. She died horribly.

At this point I'd also scored a defend objective, so was perhaps ahead on points, but I didn't have much left. In fact, apart from the Onager, it was all character.

John set about removing the Assassins, killing off the Eversor and Vindicare with ease, but getting stuck on the Culexus. The brave Datasmith who totally needs a name survived the Leviathan's meltagun and helflamers, but fell to it's claw, though only by 1 failed save (I command pointed it, I felt he had earned it at this stage, but it wasn't to be.) The Prince and Sorcerer ran away from the Culexus and started scoring some objectives.

More cards for me on turn 3, but not a lot I could do. My remaining Ad Mech forces, the Dominus and the Onager (and, technically the Enginseer, though he was little more than a speed bump), fired into the Leviathan, hurting but not killing it. The Culexus ran away from combat to scare to Prince a bit. In John's turn not much changed apart from the Enginseer got crushed. I rolled Shroudpsalm again and the Deredeo and Blastmasters shot at my Warlord but he tanked it all.

Elsewhere the Chaos Lord caught up with the Culexus in a combat that was destined to last a long time...

Not much left over the final few turns, we both picked up a few points here and there but John definitely had the board control. We went on to turn 6, eventually the Culexus fell, but the Dominus stood tall, constantly repairing himself and passing saves left and right.

This hero of the Imperium just would not die, and is probably now 90% lead after being hit by about a million butcher cannon shots.

Sadly that Leviathan lived on 1 wound, Neutron Laser failing to wound at the end. I was left with a 'destroy a unit' card, which, combined with the Linebreaker the Leviathan was earning would have been a 2 point difference. In the end it mattered not, counting up the points John won a not-quite comfortable victory with 8 points to 5.

It was one of those games, where the luck was all over the place and the dice had their own idea of how things were going to go down. Putting my Knight in position to get charged was definitely a mistake, but one I'd gladly make for the hilarious 10 inch explosion that it resulted in. I also could have deployed my Kataphron units in much better positions. They were too close and able to get deleted turn one, I should have made better use of their range and ability to move and shoot. Finally the Assassins, I'm not convinced. I think they would have been really good if I'd had first turn and still had an army when they showed up, but after the FAQ it's too much of an investment to take all of them and wait till turn 2 for most of them to do things. Having said that the Callidus' ability to cost command points is very annoying, and the Culexus is very tough to shift. I feel like the Eversor might be handy given the right targets, but the Vindicare was pretty disappointing.  

Tuesday 15 May 2018

The Fiery Fowlers


I recently finished painting the Halfling Blood Bowl team I've been working on, and I thought I'd show them off, along with their assorted accompaniments. But firstly, I finally settled on a name... Introducing The Fiery Fowlers (Sponsored by Nan Doe's Spicy Chicken)...

As previously mentioned here, this team is a kickstarter job from Star Player Miniatures. Also included were some dice, some markers and a pitch, as seen below:

The Fiery Fowlers will be ably assisted by their cheerleaders, the apothecary (well, tree surgeon) and of course the trusty chef!

The Star Player, liberating some lovely sausages from an unappreciative goblin.

The Mighty Treemen, numbers 2 and 3 doing tree stuff.

The Captain, Piggy Beefteeth (leading this lot will require some aid from the bottle), and players 4-9 line up.

Players 10-16 running and diving for the lunch line.

Monday 7 May 2018

Battle Report - Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines


Another battle report. This time I took my Tyranids against regular-opponent-John's Emperor's Children. We played Race to Victory from Chapter Approved, though the mission was largely irrelevant because we were were playing Monsters vs Dreads!

My list was Hive Fleet Jormungandr (which made literally no difference as you will see shortly), Battalion, Spearhead and Superheavy Auxiliary.

HQ: Hive Tyrant with Miasma Cannon, Old One Eye, Malanthrope (warlord)
Troops: 3 Ripper Swarms, 4 Ripper Swarms, 3 Warriors with deathspitters
Heavy Support: 2 Carnifexes with heavy venom cannons and upgrades, Trygon, 2 Tyrannofexes with Rupture Cannons
Lord of War: Scythed Hierodule

John took something like this:
HQ: Daemon Prince, Lord on Steed
Elites: 3 Contemptors with chainclaws with inbuilt Soulburners, 2 Sonic Dreadnoughts with Blastmasters and Missiles
Heavy Support: 2 Decimators with double Soulburners. Leviathan with drill and Soul Burner

Deployment. John's Sonic dreads take the flank while the rest of his forces are more central, holding behind terrain where possible. I blobed most of my units around the Malanthrope, with the Carnifexes off on the flank opposite the Sonics and the Trygon and troops hanging underground. John got his dreads down first but I still won the roll for first turn.

The Fexes moved up while my castles units spread out while maintaining Malanthrope radius. Heavy Venoms and Rupture Cannons fired over at the Sonic Dreads, killing one and earning first blood, but no further damage.

John's first turn was pretty brutal. Soul Burners unleashed on the Carnifexes, even with some below average rolls killing both. The remaining Sonic Dread fired on one of the Tyrannofexes to try and take revenge for his brother. One of the Contemptors was Warp-Timed up to charge Old One Eye, easily dispatching him with his chainfists. I used the Stratagem to fight back and knocked off a few wounds, but I was a little worried at this point by all the Mortal Wounds flying about.

 My turn two, and everything went right. Trygon dug up along with the troops, who appeared rather irrelevantly by some objectives. The Scythed Hierodule licked his lips and moved up to near the Leviathan, staying 8.5 inches away, as I have been burned by those Hellflamers before. The Hive Tyrant moved up to the Contemptor that killed off Old One Eye. In the shooting phase between the Hierodule's Bio Acid, the Miasma Cannon and some very lucky splitting of fire from the Tyrannofexes (splitting fire always works!) I killed off one Contemptor and heavily damaged the other two, softening them up for charges from the Trygon and Tyrant, who, along with the Hierodule, all made it in. John used the Emperor's Children Legion Tactic to interrupt and try and kill off the Tyrant, but probably should have targeted the Trygon. All the Contemptors fell, as did the Leviathan.

John tried to fight back, using the Prince to kill off the Tyrant and the decimators to pump mortal wounds into the Hierodule. Luckily I'd put Catalyst on him, and even more luckily, I passed half of the roles leaving him still in his top bracket.

My turn three and the Prince got a bunch of Rupture Cannons to the face. The Hierodule, having whale of a time, charged and killed both Decimators. The Lord Heroically intervened for the lols, knocking a wound or two off, but at this point John conceded, having only two models remaining.

A fun but quick game, though I was very lucky with the shooting turn 2, and John had some classic bad luck from that point on. 8th edition is really working for the Scythed Hierodule. John admitted that he should have focused him down on turn one instead of the easier kills of the Carnifexes. I think I would have panicked less, but I think he's probably right. The Hierodule is capable of so much damage if left to his own devices.