Wednesday 28 July 2021

Death Guard - Hobbypocalypse Month Six!


We've finally reached the end of the Hobbypocalypse monthly challenge, building and painting along with the DZTV regulars. Six months of 250+ points leaving us with at least 1500 points of a new army at the end. As you may have seen recently, I've been going a bit over and managed to hit 2000 points for a game against the Necrons. I've been building my 'dry' Death Guard warband known as The Desiccated, making use of a lot of messy washes and sponging on the metals. It's been a lot of fun, so much so that they have now replaced the Alpha Legion as my Chaos force of choice.

So, to recap, here's what I've got so far:

Month one: Plague Marines.
Month two: More Plague Marines and a couple of characters.
Month three: Plagueburst Crawler, Lord of Contagion
Month four: Blightlord Terminators
Month five: Assorted characters

And now month six: Armour!

This month I added in a Rhino and a couple of little Daemon engines. Couple of significant conversions in here, and a lot of sponging. In fact I sponged on some white over the bone before washing to give it a bit of extra 'highlighting'. Between the sponge and the application of rust weathering powder, I'm very pleased with the end result on this lot.

The Rhino got a propper battering with some clippers and a drill, but most notable of the conversions is the big sac from the belly of the Tervigon on the back. I figure Plague Marines would want to travel in style, in a big sac full of goo. Also note - I added a bunch of sand to the treads in a similar manner to the PBC, which I think is another nice effect to make it look used.

Next is the Myphitic Blight-hauler, no conversions here, but in painting it up I did kind of fall in love with the model. It's gross, but strangely adorable. Look into that big blue eye and tell me he's not cute!

Finally, the Foetid Bloat-drone. This is the standard easy build version that comes with plague spewers, but I decided that I quite fancied the Flesh Mower variant, and I had built an Exocrine for a commission, so I had some spare gribbly bits for the Haruspex. So - this happened.

So, with that, here's the completed stamp card! One completed army done! Though of course, an army is never completed is it? I've got a bunch of chaff, pox walkers and cultists, to paint up, and I've been building some possessed marines, and I've got ideas for a daemon prince...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this, and stay safe out there!

Sunday 25 July 2021

Narrative Wargamer Podcast - 40k Fun Facts, Warzone Charadon


More Narrative Wargamer Podcast goodness, this time something a little different as rather than delving into some crunchy stuff with new rules or missions from a new book, it's a quiz show!

For this episode, Tony came up with a bunch of questions based on the lore in the Book of Rust, which neither I or Dave had read through, and presented multiple choices, including the 'real' answer and some made up ones. It proved quite a challenge to try and work out just how silly and over the top the GW writers are, especially in the 'real Death Guard name, or random name generator' section. Overall it was pretty good fun, and I hope you all enjoy it so we can do it again! Stay safe!

Saturday 17 July 2021

Battle Report - Death Guard vs Necrons


This is the first time the Death Guard warband of the Desiccated have taken to the field in full force - this was a 2000 point Open War game against Sharpy (last seen with Eldar against my Orks), who was running his Necrons for the first time.

I put together a bit of a Herohammer list, due to the models I've painted up so far, with two Patrols each led by a Lord of... - I feel like narratively the two Lords are competing for their grandfather's favour. I spent a couple of CP to give both of them a trait and a relic, and spent some extra points on a Deadly Pathogen for them each. As usual, I was using the rules for Mortarion's Anvil.

HQ: Lord of Virulence (Arch-Contaminator, Fulgaris' Helm, Viscous Death), Lord of Contagion (Gloaming Bloat, Warp Insect Hive, Unstable Sickness), Malignant Plaguecaster (Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality), Malignant Plaguecaster (Plague Wind, Curse of the Leper)

Troops: 7 Plague Marines (Power fist, Blight Launcher, Sigil of Decay), 7 Plague Marines (Power fist, Blight Launcher, 2 plasma guns)

Elites: 10 Blightlord Terminators (2 Blight launchers, 2 Flails of Corruption, Combi-plasma, assorted axes/swords), Plague Surgeon, Foul Blightspawn, Tallyman

Fast Attack: Myphitic Blight-hauler, Foetid Bloat-drone (fleshmower)

Heavy Support: Plagueburst Crawler (Entropy cannons, Rothail volley gun)

Transport: Rhino (Havoc launcher)

The Necrons were also spending some CP early to bring an extra detachment and an extra relic and warlord trait. Sharpy was running a custom Dynastic Code, and not the normal pregame move and obsec for everyone. These necrons were Rad-wreathed (for their own version of Contagion, -1 toughness for enemies within an inch) and their Canoptek units got extra movement and pile in distance. As usual, I can't remember all the details, so here's the jist of it:

HQ: Lord, Skorpekh Lord (-1 damage), Royal Warden (Veil of Darkness), 2 Crypteks

Troops: 5 Immortals (tesla), 15 Warriors (flayers), 15 Warriors (Reapers)

Elites: 3 Skorpkh Destroyers, Canoptek Spyder, C'tan Shard of the Void Dragon

Fast Attack: 2x9 Canoptek Scarab swarms, 3 Canoptek Wraiths

Heavy Support: 2x Lokhust Heavy Destroyer 

Here's the mission we picked out. Incisive Attack, three objectives outside of deployment, one of which is worth double points. The deployment led to the Death Guard defending the middle, while a swarm of Necrons awoke to surround them. We were also fighting in a Tempest, giving light cover to units being shot from more than 18 inches away - though thanks to the close in deployment zones this didn't really come into effect.

Deployment, we both decided to keep everything on the board, apart from one of the Plague Marine squads in the Rhino. I deployed the Terminators to fight for the left side of the board with two objectives, while the Rhino and squad were ready to jump to the lone objective on the right - which was opposed by the Void Dragon (eek). We rolled to see which objective was the two pointer, and it was the lone one near the C'tan. Then we rolled for first turn, which I won, but after deliberation I decided to go second, since the objectives are scored at the end of the battle round in this mission. So, Necron turn one...

Eeep! That newly painted Rhino doesn't look like it'll last long! And the other two new vehicles, the smaller daemon engines, were in a bit of trouble too, as the Necrons piled in fast. Shooting did some damage spread between the engines, but most of it was coming in melee. The Wraiths also made it into the Terminators and fought first, killing one of them, but it didn't go well for them in return. The Bloat-drone interrupted and munched a few scarabs, before they exploded and took it out. Obviously the Void Dragon made light work of the Rhino. The Skorpkhs had a go at the Blight-hauler, and tagged the Crawler as well, but thanks to it's -1 to hit in melee, they were unable to take it out. Mixed turn for the 'crons, but importantly...

The Royal Warden teleported over to the 2 point objective with a warrior blob - they could prove tough to shift!

Death Guard turn one, time to retaliate! I couldn't let a C'tan rampage through my army, so getting rid of that was pretty high priority. I lined up most of my characters, led by the Lord of Virulence to try and do it in one turn.

I'd also need to get some points, so aimed to take scarabs off the objectives to hold them myself. This was pretty straightforward for the Blightlords, but the Plague Marines on the building would have a tougher job. I could have sent the Lord of Contagion in to the Scarabs, but he was eyeing up the Skorpekh Lord for a charge, and some glory!

I also sent the Plague Marines from the Rhino over to chip at the Warriors on the two point objective. The Blight-hauler did some work by shooting into combat with the Skorpekh Destroyers, allowing the PBC to finish them off with the Entropy cannon, and launch the mortar into the objective holding warriors.

Between psychic, shooting and melee (with the last blow from the Lord of Virulence's Plagueclaw), the characters managed to take down the C'tan, but it exploded and wounded most of them! The Terminators marched through the scarabs to hold an objective, but the marines on the building failed their charge. The Lord of Contagion made it into the Skorpekh Lord, but the Necron managed to shrug him off, and even ignore him to destroy the Blight-hauler. Rude! The Lord of Virulence was definitely winning the favour of Nurgle today!

After turn one, the Necrons picked up 3 points, to the 1 point for the Death Guard.

Necron turn two, and we were already looking at a big pile of destruction. The Necrons' programming determined that all priority should go to holding the main objective. The various remaining units started making their way in that direction, and tried to hold up anything on the way. The crawler took some damage from one of the Lokhusts and then got tied up by Scarabs. 

Necrons fell back from the Plague Marines that had tried to take their objective, lining up to shoot them with the help of the Royal Warden. Between them and some other chip fire, the unit was reduced down to two models.

The Terminators were pretty convincingly controlling their objective, but one of the Crypteks made a token effort by dropping a mortal wound bomb on there for the next turn. Also note - a giant fly chose to sit on one of the Blightlords, truly blessed by Nurgle!

Necron Warriors piled back into the Plague Marines, slowly dragging them down, leaving just the champion - who did manage to punch out the Royal Warden before he fell in the next turn.

Turn two, the remaining characters moved on the priority objective, while the Terminators turned their attention onto the other Warrior squad to take a second objective for the Death Guard, leaving the Plague Surgeon to hold the first one from the Cryptek. The PBC fell back from the Scarabs, while the Lord of Contagion continued to chase after the Skorphk Lord that rudely ran away, while the Lord of Virulence moved around the corner to take out the Immortals.

The Terminators continued their relentless march, wiping out a squad of warriors and looking pretty menacingly at the Lord. Elsewhere the LoV removed the Immortals, while the LoC failed to take out the Skorpekh Lord again, and took a whole load of damage in return.

With that, I took two objectives while the Necrons had the priority one, leaving us on 5-3 to the 'crons.

Necron turn three, and with some limited resources they moved in on killing off some of my characters. The Crypteks both had a go - the most injured Plaguecaster got taken out in melee, while the Plague Surgeon took some mortal wounds, then a gauss destructor to the face. Hilariously, the Lord of Contagion got his quest for glory cut short by exploding scarabs.

DG turn three, all eyes on objectives. The Terminators had one pretty well sewn up - stomping on the Lord while they were at it. Shooting from the squad in the building did the perfect amount of damage to the Cryptek for the Tallyman to run in and stab it with his quill. Meanwhile the LoV and the Foul Blightspawn made their way to the priority objective and started to wade through the warriors - though that's a tough ask with all that regenerating! The damaged PBC turned it's guns on the Skorpekh Lord to finally finish it off, and stop it reaching the objective.

Another turn ending with two points each, now 7-5 to the Necrons.

Turn four, and not much left to hold on with for the Necrons, though they were slowly depleting the Death Guard ranks. Another blast from the Lokhusts took out the Tallyman and finally removed the PBC. A unit of scarabs made it past the gauntlet of Nurgle characters onto the key objective to assist the warriors, taking out the Blightspawn with another explosion.

The Lord of Virulence was having a tough time getting through those warriors, but at the end of turn 4, he did it, removing them and facing off against one scarab base to contest the objective. Holding the other two with Terminators and advancing Plague Marines got the scores to level at 7 all,

And with that, it was game over for the Necrons, being unable to claw back any points - though the last scarab swarm did spitefully explode into the Lord of Virulence to take him out! My last remaining character, a Malignant Plaguecaster, made it onto the objective uncontested, scoring me all four points for a final score of 11-7 to the Death Guard!

Great game, a real brawl with the Necrons starting practically on top of us! I think we both learned a fair bit - especially on the effectiveness of exploding Scarabs. I think in the contest between the two Lords for the attention of Grandpa Nurgle, the Lord of Virulence was the clear winner, taking out a c'tan shard and load of Immortals and Warriors, though both of them did die to Scarabs! I was pretty pleased with the performance of the Blight-hauler, who survived against one of Sharpy's strongest melee threats and did some good damage back to them. The Terminators were also big stars once again - they are so tough and they can put out a load of damage with some strats or buffs. It was also amusing to play against a mirror, with the -1 toughness effect of the Necron dynastic code. Plague Marines getting wounded on 4s by basic infantry was an interesting experience!

Anyway, good game, always a pleasure to play Sharpy (though I think he's now definitely due a win against me next time!) Hope you enjoyed reading, and stay safe. 

Friday 16 July 2021

Narrative Wargamer Podcast - Flashpoint Charadon Part 2


Another appearance from me on the Narrative Wargamer Podcast, this time talking about the second half of the White Dwarf Flashpoint Charadon series. These few issues include a whole load of new Theatres of War, Crusade content and a unique mission for battling on floating platforms over an ocean. It's pretty cool!

We also had a bit of a chat about our games played, including the recent Crusade game with my Death Guard against 'The Narrative Wargamer' himsef Tony's Orks. It was a fun chat, and this time with only one 'main' topic we managed to keep it to just about two hours! Anyway, hope you like it, and stay safe.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Adeptus Mechanicus Reinforcements - Done!


What with a shiny new (beefed up) Codex out, I've been working on some reinforcements and rearmaments for my Adeptus Mechanicus force. I got a bunch of Pteraxii and Serberys minis and one of the flyers as part of a trade earlier in the year, and picked up a Manipulus with the Codex. I also grabbed some extra Skitarii from ebay since, you know, they're real good now. The Skitarii were painted ready for the battle against the Custodes, and I also did some arm swaps on the Kastelan robots to set them up as one big squad with the new mixed loadout option. Anyway, here's some pictures:

Beep boop! Here they are. I only popped two of the robots in here, and a semi random selection of Skitarii.

I've now got options to run the Skitarii in two big squads of 20, or split them into smaller units with a bunch of spare Alphas, like this guy with a carbine.

So here's the flyer - built as the Archaeopter Fusilave bomber. A similar scheme to the Pteraxii I'd already done, but scaled up. There's a bit of lighting effect on the pilot in the cockpit, and there's a lot of dirt and chipping (SPONGE!) - I figure flying through a warzone won't leave you with a clean paint job for long!

Pteraxii Sterilizors - another ten to add to the five I already had. Now I can run three units of five, or a big squad of ten if I want. Same scheme as before but a lot quicker, since I took a long time deciding on the wing colour last time. And yes, the bases got magnets straight away!

Serberys Sulphurhounds - similar to the Raiders, but I did tone down some of the details a bit, and made them a bit dirtier - especially a large dose of soot on the nozzle/snout.

And the Manipulus. Quite pleased with this guy, calling back to the first Dominus I painted for the army with orange armour trimmed with gold, and dirty bone coloured robes. I really love this model, in the same way that the Dominus is one of my favourites. He's got so much 40k weirdness going on. I especially like that for all his high tech gubbins, he's using a rope for a belt.

So there we are. More tech weirdness for the forces of Ryza. Looking forward to getting them onto the table some more and mastering the admin phase! Hope you liked them, and stay safe out there.