Friday 27 December 2019

2019 End of Year Hobby Review


This might well be my last post of the year, so I thought I'd do a bit of a review of what I've done and what my next plans are. I'm going to divide up into a few sections based on what I tend to post about, hopefully this will make some kind of sense, rather than just a stream of rambling.


2019 was the first full year of the blog, but I ended up with fewer posts than in 2018, mainly due to getting fewer games in (though, as we will see, there were some pretty special ones). There was plenty of hobby stuff though, and we saw a bit more of a divergence from the 40k content, justifying the 'Mostly' in the blog title. After this post we'll be sitting at 55 posts in 2019, which is an average of more than one a week, so I'm happy to continue at roughly that rate. Elsewhere in social media, I got more into Twitter and eventually Instagram, so feel free to find me on them and follow if you want some occasional WIPs and stuff that doesn't make it to the blog, as well as pictures of my dog.

Battle Reports:

We had fewer battle reports this year, especially with the regular opponent John who sadly became a very irregular opponent, but there were some excellent games played a little further afield. I had a series of great games with Stig (not the TTT one!), played in the awesome Rynn's World narrative game and had a lot of fun at the epic No Surrender 2. I also played in several recorded battle reports with Winters for DZTV and of course SorcererDave, the pinnacle of which was probably the climactic finale of the Morgan's Reach narrative campaign.

The good news on this front is that I've got plenty planned for 2020 already. I'm off to a local tournament at Grim Dice in January with old regular opponent John, and I'm planning to attend the GT 40k Heat 1 at Warhammer World in February, so I should have plenty to write about from getting smashed at those events. I've also got plans for a new narrative campaign with SorcererDave, which should prove well produced and edited at least!

Hobby Stuff:

A successful year I think on the building/painting side. I completed a number of projects, some small and some a bit more extensive. We opened up with Da Ork Project where I reorganised and rebased my Ork horde (or possibly hoard, either works). Started in January and finished in April, but I was worth it (probably.) I saved the final results for my 100th blog post. Elsewhere I painted up a few mini projects, finished up the Genestealer Cult and got into Adeptus Titanicus. (Which also produced a few battle reports.)

My main plans for 2020 are, so far, outside of 40k. I've got some Age of Sigmar minis to paint up and expand my Seraphon/Lizardmen up to around 2000-2500 points. Beyond that there are always bits I want to expand elsewhere. I'm particularly looking at adding a few more Tyranid monsters and maybe making a painting guide for them when I do it. I might also get my hands on some of the new Terminators for my Alpha Legion.

Other Stuff:

As mentioned, I've added a bit more non-40k content this year. Plenty of Adeptus Titanicus, which could loosely be considered 40k, but also a bit more Blood Bowl, some D&D and even a post about LARPing. Rest assured, this blog will continue to be Mostly 40k, but I am still doing all of these things, so I could well slip in the odd post from the wider world of nerd stuff.

So there you go. That was 2019. A decent year of hobbying I think, and I'm looking forward to more in 2020. Hope you all had a good holiday, and have a great new year!

Sunday 15 December 2019

No one expects the Imperial Inquisition!


As I recently posted, the wife has a lovely Sisters of Battle army, built mostly during the days of the old Witch Hunters codex. That means there are also some Inquisition and assorted other Imperial units around. So here they are! Consider it part two of the army. So we've got a bunch of Inquisitors (notably including the classic metal Inquisitor Karamazov who appeared in a battle report and somehow didn't fall apart), a load of Acolytes, some Assassins and of course the Rogue Trader crew I painted last year. Most of this was painted by the wife, but there are a few bits I did, notably the Vindicare and the radical Inquisitor with bolt pistol and deamon blade.

And finally, some group photos of just the Inquisitors. Everything you have been told is a lie...

Saturday 7 December 2019

Adepta Sororitas army - The Order of the Azurine Heart


Apparently the Sisters of Battle are totally in right now, thanks to some amazing new models and a lovely new codex that most of us can't buy yet. With that in mind, I thought I'd get all of my wife's classic metal Sisters and set them out for some photos. While the new models may be bigger and fancier, these ones do have a wonderful nostalgic charm to them, and to my mind have largely aged pretty well. It also helps that these ones are fabulously painted. It's not the first time the Order of the Azurine Heart have been on the internet. They have previously appeared in a SorcererDave battle report against the Word Bearers, and there might be a rematch in the works...

Anyway, some pictures! These are, as mentioned, mostly older metal GW minis, but there are a few third party ones in there (most notably the Crusaders and the wings on the Seraphim Superiors) and many, many conversions. Look out for extra books, purity seals and candles everywhere. We've also got the old Forgeworld Exorcist in here from before it was a giant pipe organ (in case you were wondering what that funny looking whirlwind was at the back). As this army was largely put together during the old Codex: Witch Hunters days, there is a significant Inquisitorial presence as well that is not shown in these pictures. Maybe in a future post...

Hope you like them. Feel free to say nice things, I won't be embarrassed since I didn't paint them!