Tuesday 10 October 2023

Tyranid and Guard Projects


I recently worked on a couple of small army projects for some discord friends in far away lands, a small force of Astra Militarum infantry and and addition to the xenomorph inspired Tyranids.

So since I had them both here together, and they have since gone to live in different continents, I took a pic of them fighting over my painting desk! Guard vs Nids is a classic match up after all!

Anyway, lets have a quick look at the forces, firstly here's the Nids, consisting of the Leviathan set and a sneaky Lictor!

Having already painted my own Leviathan Nids, I knew what to expect here and luckily this scheme didn't need a whole lot of extra work for all the extra gnarly carapace bits these bugs have got. The Lictor is new to me however, and it is a rather impressive kit with a lot of options, there's the three core builds but a whole load of variety you could add in. I built this one more or less as per the instructions.

Next up, the Guard, a load of infantry and characters to join a tank force under construction, led by a man on a big horsey!

This lot were mostly painted by the 'Sponge-chop' method which I think has worked rather well at quickly painting through a whole load of troops with contrast and providing some interesting texture to them. 

So there we go. Both the recipients liked their armies, and I hope you like them too! Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.