Saturday, 8 August 2020

Battle Report - Orks vs Chaos Daemons


Back for game two of 9th edition, and this time I brought the Orks! WAAAGH! I was playing against fellow DZTV patron Sharpy aka Jonathon (j.sharpe0608 on instagram) with his Khorne Daemons, at 2000 points of matched play Four Pillars goodness. With limited shooting and lots of punching on both sides, it was going to be a bloodbath. We did technically play on a 6x4 board, but a significant chunk of the board was some awesome industrial dock scenery, so in avoiding going into the sea we were almost at the new minimum board size anyway.

I took a classic battalion, using the Feral Ork specialist mob from Saga of the Beast for the first time. This meant a chunk of my force had no benefit, but all my boyz, non-mega nobz and some characters could advance 3d6 pick the highest, and had a 6 inch pile in move. I also used a pregame stratagem from the book to make my warboss 'Da Biggest Boss' for +1 attack, wound and a 4+ invulnerable save. Rounding out my pregame spending, I upgraded my weirdboy to a Warphead. For my secondary objectives I took Thin Their Ranks (since there were quite a lot of daemons about), Assassinate (he had 5 characters that I imagined would be getting stuck in) and the mission specific one, Siphon Power.

HQ: Warboss (kombi-skorcha, attack squig, Da Killa Klaw, Might is Right, Da Biggest Boss), Mekboy with Kustom Force Field, Weirdboy (Warphead, Da Jump, Warpath)

Troops: 30 Boyz (slugga/choppas, Nob with powerklaw), 30 Boyz (slugga/choppas, Nob with powerklaw), 20 Boyz (shootas, 2 big shootas, Nob with powerklaw)

Elites: Nob with WAAAGH! Banner, 10 Nobs (9 big choppas, 1 pair of killsaws), 5 Meganobs (2 kombi-skorchas/powerklaws, 3 kustom shootas/powerklaws)

Fast Attack: 3 Deffkoptas (kopta rokkits)

Heavy Support: Battlewagon (killkannon), Battlewagon (deffrolla, 4 big shootas)

Transport: Trukk

Sharpy took a battalion and an outrider detachment, and splurged pregame CP on two banners of blood, sticking a blob of Bloodletters in the warp and making his Bloodthirster Exalted - rolling for it like a boss, and getting a 2+ armour save and an additional +1 to attacks and strength on the charge/when being charged. I forget his warlord trait, but his relic was a mega axe on one of his princes. His secondaries were Thin Their Ranks, Siphon Power and Engage On All Fronts.

HQ: Bloodthirster (Exalted), Karanak, Skullmaster (the herald on Juggernaut), Daemon Prince (wings, sword), Daemon Prince (wings, relic axe)

Troops: 20 Bloodletters, 10 Bloodletters, 10 Bloodletters

Fast Attack: 4 Bloodcrushers, 5 Flesh hounds, 5 Flesh hounds, 5 Flesh hounds

Heavy Support: Skull Cannon, Soul Grinder 
We rolled for deployment, and I was the defender - I picked the most open of the two available quarters and we alternated filling the tip of our corners. I had the Nobz in the Trukk, Meganobz in the kannon wagon and the 20 shoota boyz in the rolla wagon, and I elected to start the koptas on the board. There was a decent chunk of line of sight blocking terrain and plenty of craters, but not much in the way of ruins leaving the centre of the battle pretty open for a big scrap. We left a 5th objective marker in the centre of the board for ease of Engage on All Fronts-ing. Then, admin done, we rolled for first turn, and it fell to the Daemons!
Turn one, and Jon's Daemons raced forwards, hounds on the flanks heading to the objective to my left, and controlling/siphoning the one to my right, while a Bloodletter unit started to siphon off his home objective. No Psychic Phase and minimal damage on shooting, straight into the first charge of the game as the Bloodcrushers barrelled into both my Battlewagons and two units of boyz. The Deffrolla wagon was damaged, but revved up and crushed a couple of the juggernauts, while the boyz were able to pile some in and reduce the unit to a single model at the end of the turn. Not much damage done but it did crucially block me in a bit.
In my turn da boyz moved up as best they could. The white mob disengaged and swarmed toward the nearest objective (just under the lip of the landing pad on the picture) while the Deffkoptas flew over to start siphoning it. The Battlewagons remained in combat with the Bloodcrusher, while the pink mob were left unengaged so advanced up the ramp toward the hounds on the objective. On the far left the Trukk full of Nobz zoomed up to swing around later or something. My characters shuffled around in the centre, the big mek starting to siphon the objective (he did this every turn after this) and no one got out of their vehicles.

In the psychic phase the Weirdboy smited the last Bloodcrusher, removing him and freeing the wagons up to shoot, which they did, removing a few daemons here and there. Then the charge phase - only one to do, the pink mob going into the hounds... and they failed. This was quite significant, as it meant Sharpy was holding two objectives at the start of his turn and managed to siphon power from both of them.
Turn two, points on the board for the Daemons, and they looked to get seriously stuck in as the Bloodthirster moved up for a charge, as did the Soul Grinder and the warlord Daemon Prince. The Bloodletter bomb arrived behind me as well (I'd forgotten about them to be honest), which would get all four corners for Engage on All Fronts. Shooting happened, with the 'thirster using his whip and roar, combined with fire from the Soul Grinder to kill 2 of the 3 Deffkoptas, leaving one alive on one wound. Since he was siphoning power, the Bloodthirster would have to deal with him in melee. Then a whole load of charges went off - the aforementioned Bloodthirster into the kopta, the Prince and Soul Grinder into the pink boyz, and the Skullmaster into the damaged Battlewagon. Crucually though, even with the banner of blood, the musician and a CP reroll, the Bloodletter bomb failed to reach my Boyz and exposed Weirdboy.
Into the fight phase, and it got interesting, with a lot of CP being thrown around. Jonno elected to fight first with the Prince since the pink boyz were looking like interrupting. He killed a chunk of them, but left me on more than 20 models still and within range of the WAAAGH! banner. I interrupted anyway and used my 6 inch pile in to get as many models around the Prince as possible, including the klaw wielding Nob - who proceeded to roll a batch of ones and twos to hit anyway. The Boyz stripped some wounds off, before losing more to the Grinder. The Skullmaster/Battlewagon combat was fairly uneventful, and the last Deffkopta got predictably smashed. With both of us eyeing up 'attack again' stratagems, Sharpy activated his warlord Prince once more to smash some more boyz, bringing me below 20 to remove my +1 attack and out of range of the +1 to hit from the banner. I proceeded to fight again anyway, but the klaw whiffed once more, though the Boyz did well to drop him down to a few wounds. The promptly failed morale, but thanks to the new rules a few stuck around - though not for long...
My turn 2 and I picked up a few points for holding and siphoning one objective. This turn was going to be a big scrap - I started carefully considering where I was going to charge before realising Jon had no command points left, so I'd be free to attack first everywhere. With that in mind, the Meganobz got out and wandered over to the Bloodletters, the Nobs hopped onto the landing pad to eye up the Bloodthirster, the white Mob swarmed up to the Flesh Hounds now on the left objective, the yellow mob got out and lined up against the Prince/Soul Grinder along with Warboss Redtoof himself and the Pink boyz ran away, with their suspiciously similar replacements returning on the other side of the board after I used the Unstoppable Green Tide stratagem. Thanks to the new edition morale rules this stratagem seems like it'll be a lot easier to get off!

The Weirdboy tried for a smite but it was denied, then cast Warpath on the Meganobz with a 13, causing 3 mortal wounds to himself as his brain started to dribble out of his ears. In the shooting phase the Meganobz and their Battlewagon poured fire into the Bloodletter bomb, but did not thin the ranks as much as I had hoped. Other shooting was fairly incidental. Then came the charge phase, with successes across the board.
Fighting broke out across the board. The yellow boyz dragged down the Daemon Prince (after the powerklaw failed, naturally), Redtoof obliterated the Soul Grinder with ease, the Meganobz cut a healthy swathe of Bloodletters down (and more fell to morale later), before the Nobz bashed the Bloodthirster - who rolled pretty well for his saves (mostly 3+ thanks to his exalted armour) and got away with 8 wounds remaining. Fighting back he smashed six of the Nobz! I chose to use the stratagem at the end of the turn to automatically pass their morale. Two of the Meganobs were brought down as well by the Bloodletters.
Then things got interesting. That Skullmaster managed to finally chip the last wounds off the Battlewagon - which promptly exploded! That's D6 mortal wounds within 6 inches!
When the smoke cleared, the Weirdboy and the Skullmaster were both gone, while my other three characters were wounded and I lost a load of boyz from the two nearest units. Ouch - but points for Assassinate!
As the dust settled at the end of turn 2, the shape of the battle had changed drastically. Blood was flowing everywhere (though not so much from the Flesh Hounds at the top of the battlefield, somehow surviving the charge from the reinforced pink mob!) However the Khorne forces still held two objectives and successfully siphoned both at the start of their turn, putting them into a fairly handy lead on the points.
Turn three and there was decidedly un-khorne activities. The Bloodletters and the Flesh Hounds left combat in order to secure Engage on All Fronts again and avoid the wrath of Orks striking before them. The Bloodthirster stayed in though, even though the Nobz would go first - as it happend this was the right choice as they got murdered. Elsewhere Karanak and the other remaining Flesh Hounds charged the Yellow boyz to think their numbers and keep them away from the objective, and the two other Bloodletter units held and siphoned their objectives. There was a moment of glorious bloodshed however as the remaining Daemon Prince charged out to cut down Redtoof in the centre (don't worry, there are always more Redtoofs.)

In my turn the pink boyz on to left flank were swarming over the objective, dispatched the last of the Flesh Hounds over there while charging and wounding the 'thirster. The white mob moved up to charge the remaining Daemon Prince along with the wagon looking for some bonus movement, failing to bring him down. The Meganobz handily dispatched the last of the Bloodletter bomb, and with the help of the banner Nob, the right flank Flesh Hounds were removed as well.
Turn four saw more objective points scored for the Daemons and more running away. The badly wounded Bloodthirster fled from combat, while the Prince did the same, landing on my home objective to stop me scoring that. Karanak fell back, while the Skull Cannon moved up for a cheeky charge on my remaining wagon. I imagine all those daemons were gnashing their teeth and stomping with rage after Khorne willed them to claim battlefield superiority rather than fighting to the death. 9th missions are certainly making us think!
I started my turn 4 scoring a handful of points, and knowing that I needed to score big in turn 5 and probably max out Assassinate. To that end the pink Boyz held their objective and wandered over to smash the Bloodthirster. The Meganobz stumbled over to hit the Prince and secure my home objective with the Big Mek. The yellow boyz surrounded Karanak and the remaining few Bloodletters on the right objective, between shooting and melee finishing them off. Finally the white mob moved up around the Skull Cannon to get a 8 inch charge on the Bloodletters on Jon's home objective, succeeding and thanks to their 6 inch pile in, stomping them into the ground.

This left only the Cannon left for the Daemons in turn 5, scoring them no points. In my turn 5 I was holding all the objectives! Time to add up the scores...
And with that, plus the 10 points for fully painted, it was a very narrow win for the Orks, 70-65! As it turned out, if I had failed that charge on the last objective, Sharpy would have picked up 5, plus 1 for Siphon Power on turn 5 and could have held on! Great game - win for the Orks, and a first win in 9th edition for me, but those Khorne boyz were not muckin' about (apart from when they ran away). 

I'm having a lot of fun in 9th so far, though that might just be because I'm playing 40k again, but it definitely feels like 8th but better. The matched play missions feel nice and balanced, but definitely a bit more admin heavy and requiring much more forward planning. I think I probably made a mistake with the Siphon Power secondary, as I didn't have that many units to leave on an objective doing nothing. I also felt under pressure to get across the board rather than kill everything and leave it too late, which is definitely a good thing compared to previous editions of gunlines blasting you off the board then grabbing objectives in the last few turns. I do think, as it stands, the rulebook has a bit of a missed niche in terms of open or casual play - there's only one scenario in the book as written that isn't either matched play or Crusade with all the admin that comes with them. As much as I enjoyed the matched play scenarios, I can imagine going back to the old Maelstrom cards or the open war deck for some less brain intensive games sometimes.

Anyway, I had fun, I hope you all enjoyed reading about it, and stay safe out there.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Battle Report - Chaos Space Marines vs Chaos Space Marines and Daemons - First game in 9th edition!


Right, lockdown easing, 9th edition released, time for some 40k! I arranged a game with semi-regular opponent John and his Slaanesh force, 1500 points (probably - I was using the recently updated Battlescribe), matched play, with secondaries and everything. This was both our first 9th games, so it was a bit of working it out as we go along.

I took my Alpha Legion, the Fractured Truth. I took a single battalion made up mostly of just models I wanted to use. I spent a couple of CPs on an extra relic and warlord trait, but otherwise nothing fancy.

HQ: Chaos Lord (Blade of the Hydra, Flames of Spite), Dark Apostle (Warp-sight Plea, Master of Diversion, Dark Disciples), Master of Executions (Talisman of Burning Blood)

Troops: 5 Chaos Marines (Plasma, Combi-plasma), 5 Chaos Marines (Plasma, Combi-plasma), 8 Chaos Marines (Plasma, Combi-plasma)

Elites: 5 Terminators (Lightning Claws, Khorne), Contemptor (2 assault cannons), Contemptor (2 fists)

Heavy Support: 3 Obliterators (Slaanesh)

Dedicated Transports: Rhino (combi-plasma), Rhino (combi-melta)

John took, I think, two patrols and an auxiliary support detachment in order to get all his big daemons in, and also spent a CP on making one of them an exalted daemon. It cost him a fair few command points but apart from feeding them into the Noise Marines, I don't think he really needed them.

HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Keeper of Secrets (Exalted - 4+ invulnerable), Shalaxi Hellbane, Dark Apostle

Troops: 10 Daemonettes, 12 Noise Marines (full sonic weapons)

Elites: Sonic Dreadnought, 6 Terminators (Combi-plasma and lightning claws)

We rolled for the mission and got No Man's Land - which meant I couldn't use Forward Operatives to move my Terminators up the board as I was planning to. Instead I plonked them and the Obliterators into the warp. (John did the same with his.)

For our secondaries, John picked Bring it Down, Attrition and Engage on All Fronts. I also picked Engage on All Fronts and Bring it Down, and Abhor the Witch. This meant the big daemons would be worth 8 points each for me to kill.

We also decided the ruins in the middle were actually two separate ruins connected by barricades, to allow our bigger units to get to the centre of the board. We decided a rocky outcropping in my deployment zone was going to be dense terrain. Also worth noting the board was cordoned off to the new minimum size.

We set up, and John won the roll off for first turn. However knowing that I could reposition with my Master of Diversions warlord trait, he chose to let me go first. I loaded up on the left flank opposite the two Keepers, and started moving out to claim that objective, the rest of my forces hanging back behind the ruin. Got some shooting in at Shalaxi, but he/she/they survived without being dropped a bracket. I totally forgot to try and get into 3 table quarters so didn't score any points.

In response, those Daemons are super fast! They were on me immediately, but they weren't without support and the Noise Marines shuffled round to pick some choice targets here.

The other Keeper (the exalted one) ran around the side to claim another objective and make my Rhino dance, hilariously.

I may have been slightly unlucky with my saves, but after the firepower and the melee of the Keepers, my left flank consisted of a 1 wound Rhino. Losing both Contemptors was a big blow, but I still had my reserves to come in. John scored on all his secondaries this turn to go into the lead.

My turn and everything got out of the Rhinos, I moved onto all three central objectives, and the reserves arrived. Obits lined up to take out the big Daemons and the Terminators dropped deep into enemy territory lining up a charge on the Daemonettes. First though I had to get that Rhino out of combat - on one wound and in a crater it's movement was pitiful, so I needed to use the new stratagem to break out of combat and accept the tank's demise. 

Shooting phase was a mixed bag. The Obliterator's first round of fire on the injured Shalaxi was a bit of a whiff, and they had to be finished off with a Daemon Shell and some other incidental firepower. Shots onto the exalted Keeper were pretty ineffectual as well. The second round with Endless Cacophony looked good, the Oblits rolling high strength, maximum damage and got something like 12 wounds. John, using Warp Surge for a 4+ invulnerable, passed all but 2 of them, leaving the Keeper not even bracketed! I had to charge in with the Oblits and all my characters to finish it off - though this cost me an Obliterator and put my characters in a bad position. This would turn out to be very important. Also in the charge phase the Terminators predictably failed, including with a reroll.

I scored quite heavily on my secondaries this turn, but I didn't have much of a presence on the central objectives.

The Slaanesh forces moved in for the kill, Noise Marines looking to clear me off the objective, the last Keeper aiming to do the same, and in the backfield the Daemonettes backed off to give the Sonic dread a clean couple of rounds of firing at the Terminators. The Terminators dropped in as well, and were Ambushed by the Oblits, losing three of their number. In return they killed off one of the Oblits. The last Keeper powered up making two of the marines dance to death and finished the rest off with a super Smite. The Noise Marines managed to pick off the Chaos Lord thanks to the new character targeting rules no longer protecting him, before charging in and easily killing off my marines. More secondary points for John, but more importantly denying my 5 for the Primary.

In my turn 3, I was running out of options. The last Obliterator thinned the ranks of the Terminators down to one, my Terminators failed again to charge the daemonettes on the objective, the Master of Executions lined up to charge the Dark Apostle, but thanks to not being within 3 inches of anything, my Rhino got their first with it's combi-melta! Instead both charged the noise marines, trying to tie them up and thin the ranks. The Master whiffed and didn't make much of a dent before being killed himself. It was a bad turn!

With that, John scored 15 for the primary objective, and went for the kill. The Dread and Daemonettes mobbed up and killed my Terminators. His Terminator killed my Dark Disciples that had been cowering on my objective all game, and to add insult to injury, the Noise Marines rolled really hot (something like 11 wounds out of 13 hits on a 5+) and killed the Rhino. Finally the last Keeper of Secrets duelled my Dark Apostle, dispatching him without breaking a sweat.

With me tabled, John had two more turns to make out the Primary and rack up Engage on All Fronts. End result, including the 10 points for being painted, 86 to John, 44 to me. Ouch.

Luck aside, I was definitely my own worst enemy, I suffered from being rusty on this one, having not played 40k since the pre-lockdown days. I wasted my Dark Apostle and probably my Terminators with their positioning, and I definitely should have held the Contemptors back a bit to keep them for turn 2. More importantly though I think I lacked some big, tough, units to grab the objectives and actually hold onto them. I really could have used my Terminators running up the middle to hold the objective, or on the right flank to charge that Keeper. 9th edition's character targeting rules caught me out as well, I need to be more careful with my characters! Lessons learned.

Ordinarily I might be a bit disappointed with such a crushing defeat, but honestly it just felt good to be back in the saddle. I've got a few more games lined up (assuming we don't have second lockdown here - and no one gets sick!) so hopefully I can get a score on the board in 9th edition soon! Hope you enjoyed this report, and stay safe everyone.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

My Top 8 Games of 8th Edition


We are on the suspiciously lengthy cusp of 40k's ninth edition being released, so I thought I'd give eighth a bit of a farewell article in the form of my top eight games. A bit self-indulgent, sure, but that is the premise of this blog (mostly 40k, mostly for my own amusement) and I'm a firm believer that the best part about this game is the memorable moments it creates, so it's always good to be able to go back and relive those memories in a small way. I strongly recommend anyone out there who plays semi-regularly to keep some kind of record of their games, be it in full battle reports, the lazy blog write ups I do, or just a spreadsheet full of basic details. It's really improved my enjoyment of the hobby since I started writing the blog and attempting to put some kind of content out there to the wider community.

Anyway, 8th was the first edition where every game I played has been recorded in some way (though granted a few of the early games appeared on the Bolter and Chainsword forum with the pictures lost to the whims of the internet.) So it seemed reasonable to go back and pick through the memorable ones and pick a top 8. As it turns out, it was quite tricky, my initial shortlist was 14 games. On the plus side at the end of 9th edition it should be marginally easier! My criteria were somewhat vague, 'top' meaning most memorable, either for specific moments or just the overall feel of the game. I also tried to mix up my different armies and various opponents to get a nice overlook of my time with 8th edition. They are ordered from eight down to one, but it's somewhat arbitrary. Anyway, let's jump in...

This was a cool narrative game (Hold Your Gains from Vigilance Defiant) with a cool opponent (Stig aka Little Legions) with a cool army (the Luna Crusaders). It looked great and had a memorably tight finish. I had a series of great games against Stig last year, but this one in particular stood out to me as an extra step above your standard matched play game.

This was game four of the Grand Tournament heat at Warhammer World in February this year, so as it happens it was one of my last games of 8th. The event was a lot of fun, I had four great games against five great opponents (damn those Repulsor Executioners!), but this one stood out to me as particularly epic. Big stompy robots crashing together, some memorably amusing moments and Lady Helena in the Valiant (#rightdominus) was an absolute boss. 

Talking about big stompy robots - I couldn't leave out this crazy three-way game! Orks vs Orks vs Orks Stompa battle filmed by SorcererDave and featuring The Claw. I do like a good matched play game, but I also love a custom narrative scenario with all the mad special rules we can think of, and this one is definitely the latter. Check out the Robot Wars inspired 'stats' of the combatants, it's peak Ork.

Another game with SorcererDave, and another narrative game that abused the hell out of the 8th edition rules. The forces of the Inquisition delve into the underhive to fight waves of cultists and other nasty chaos things. We did a lot of hacking of the rules to create this very story focused game, but in fairness to 8th, the relative simplicity and flexibility of the rules allowed us to play this game without worrying too much about weird rules interactions. Obviously this is part one of an ongoing campaign (part 2 is currently out there, part 3 is in the planning stage) so keep an eye out and we might get a very memorable narrative game early in 9th edition.

Going back to the earlier days of the blog, and the awesome random doubles tournament that was Double Trouble 4. This was game 3, and my Alpha Legion joined forces with semi-regular opponent John's beautiful Chaos Knights to face a pair of Guard armies with a lot of tanks! It was a cap on a great day, and it seems the last of the Double Trouble events, but it's mostly memorable to me for the heroics of the Heldrake absolutely earning it's keep.

Getting into the top 3, and this one is a big one! Hive Fleet Goliath taking on The Penitent Forge of Winters SEO in a custom narrative scenario. This is far and away my most watched game of 40k, (currently sitting at 101,456 views) and it was a great game for narrative moments and the dice 'telling a story'. It was also the first video battle report I was in, and as such is definitely a memorable moment to me.

Another big narrative game, this time with three Ork players taking on two Imperial players with the Crimson Fists and the Mordian Iron Guard. We set the game on Rynn's World - part of the famous 'last stand' of the Crimson Fists. There were some great moments in this game, but it was mainly memorable for the awesome sight of Orks swarming around the stoic Fists and Mordians, and for having a nice get together with four other cool gamers. Sometimes the general feel of the game and being part of the community is more important than the events of the game itself. That said, it was still a bloodbath of a game!

And here we are at number one, and I think it could only be this game. Part four of an epic narrative campaign against SorcererDave's Cadians (so watch the other three before you watch this one!), and I don't think I've played a game with as high a stakes, narratively, as this. Talking about memorable moments and the dice telling the story - this game had all that in spades. We laughed, we cried, it changed our lives. Everything about the game just worked and the 8th edition rules held up well to allow us to do all this. 

So that's that. I've had some absolutely great games in 8th edition, which has aligned with me starting this blog and trying to get more into the wider community of the hobby. I feel like I should be slightly sad about the end of 8th, but I'm more looking forward to 9th and getting some games in! With lockdown and social distancing being relaxed I feel safer about making some plans to play some epic games and make some more awesome memories. Hope those of you who read this far enjoyed my little look back, and maybe considered doing the same yourselves. Stay safe everyone.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

First steps into Turnip28


This one is a bit... weird. Some of you may have seen some miniatures and artwork for 'Turnip28' popping up around the internet, and may have wondered what it is. The simple answer is "It's about turnips", but the slightly longer answer is that it is a wargame/setting being developed by Max FitzGerald, in which a root-based apocalypse has ruined everything and now humanity is forced to rely on sinister vegetables and rusty pre-1800s equipment to wage war on each other in endless muddy battlefields. I think.

Anyway, I was immediately struck with the grim, dark, muddiness of all this. Those that know me might know that I love painting rust and dirt and generally being messy with my minis, and I also love Mordheim, the old Warhammer skirmish game that had such a great atmosphere and is probably to this day my favourite book GW have released. As it turns out, Max was one of the artists involved in Mordheim, hence the similarity in style, and that was good enough for me to jump up. So I got a few sprues (Perry Miniatures' Foot Knights and French Napoleonic Infantry) off ebay and stuck some bits together and got these:

I'm fairly happy that I've captured the essence of the setting and artwork in my style and with some fairly basic conversion work. Here's a quick rundown of how I got this, partially for my own benefit when I get some more and wonder how I did it the first time. Firstly, here's the paint I used and some of the extra 'bits':

The minis were first assembled using the legs/bodies and heads of the knights plus the arms and backpacks of the Napoleonics, with greenstuff haphazardly covered with the filler for mud on the bases and over the back/shoulders. Then tufts were chopped up and added liberally. These guys have a lot of roots with them!

Next stage was to spray them all brown. I thought this would be a good starting point for all the mud and rust. It also had the effect of catching in the tufts to create a more dishevelled, rooty look.

Then of course, painting! Started by slapping on some Ryza Rust over the armour sections, then Typhus Corrosion over the mud and anything anywhere close to mud (so pretty much the whole model). After that dried, the metal sections got a drybrush, followed by a tidy up with a darker brown for stock of the gun, backpack, belts etc, and painting the green for their 'uniforms'. I used the heavy flesh for a nice grubby skin tone, also drybrushing the root/mud, and following up with another heavy drubrush of Earth. Washes over skin and mud with sepia and the metal with black led to the final touches of black around the edge of the base and in some gaps in the armour (noticeably the giant hole in one of the chest plates) and a quick highlight layer on the skin. And that's pretty much that:

Again, I'm happy with how they came out. I decided to go for a more heavily armoured look than some, reasoning that my regiment would be savvy scavengers, picking up armour and equipment from fallen foes as well as dredging it out of the fertile mud of their coastal home town. With this in mind I named them the 69th Mordby Mudcrabs. Now I just need to make more of them...

Hope you enjoyed this little look into madness, stay safe out there!