Wednesday 30 December 2020

Drukhari Haemonculi Coven Done!


Last post of the year for me, and another quick 'commission' - a small Drukhari patrol with Wracks, Talos and led by Urien Rakarth himself!

Again, bases unpainted as they are to be done up to match an army, but otherwise this little lot are finished. I don't think I've ever painted any Dark Eldar before, so this was a fun first - and I felt justified in making them a bit messy and dirty compared with how their clean cousins might look.

Wracks were painted up, appropriately enough, with Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh, then a assorted washes. I have no idea what all the crazy weapons they have do, but they look cool!

I'm definitely pleased with the results on the Talos, a bit of a messy job but turned out looking pretty sinister. The carapace was stippled dark green over a black undercoat, with the brass edging semi-randomly applied, then all washed in black, and a bit more brass added. Skin and bone sections were essentially the same as the wracks, and for a bit of extra colour I added some blue or red to the tail weapons, designating haywire and heat lance respectively.

Finally the man himself. A bit of a faff, being finecast, I kept finding bits to remove while painting the details - there's so much weird stuff on this guy I couldn't see it until I was actually painting that part!

There you have it, a fun little project to end this strange old year. I'll do a fashionably late 2020 review post at some point, but until then, thanks for looking, and stay safe out there.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Space Wolf Project Completed


Hope you all had a great Christmas or winter holiday of your choice. I'm back with more festive Space Wolves! The project is now complete (on my end - client still needs to add bases to most of them) with a couple of Wolf Priests to keep them in order:

As character models I did put a little bit extra effort into these two, and I'm pleased with the results. I think some of the little extra 'cheating' details sell the models well - the transfer runes on the legs and the 'writing' on the parchment - done with a fine drawing pen.

With that done, it was time to unite them with their charges, the Thunderwolf Cavalry, Firestrike Turrets, Invader ATVs and Assault Centurions:

I'm really happy with the result - they look good all together, and it's probably some of the most 'efficient' painting I've done - optimal results from mostly simple techniques and painted pretty quick. Though it was the latter end of 2020 in the midst of UK lockdown and then tier 3 restrictions, so it's not like I had much else to do!

Anyway, thanks for looking, I hope you've enjoyed following along this project, and do stay safe.

Saturday 19 December 2020

Space Wolf Centurions


More Space Wolves, this time the newly available Assault Centurions. Nearly done with them now, only a couple of characters left (coming soon!) It's been a largely enjoyable project, and I'm happy with the results, but I have to admit these were a bit of a chore, especially painting all the metal of the support struts and cabling. Anyway, here, look:

Hope you like them! Some fairly minor conversions and the addition of the transfers really sells the Space Wolf look I think, I'm always somewhat impressed by what transfers can do to 'finish' a mini. Though of course the bases are being done separately so they won't be truly finished until they make it to their home on Fenris. Stay safe out there, and I'll leave you with this self indulgent black and white image of my favourite of the set.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Space Wolf ATVs and Armour Recipe


Seems that this lockdown and tier system has turned this blog into a bit of a Space Wolf one! I ran out of models to paint earlier in the year (though nearly Christmas, so fingers crossed...), and having not played any real games for a while (Tabletop Simulator scratches the itch a little, but it's not the same), it's just been 'commissions'. So here's some more:

Brrrrrmmm brrrrrmmmm, it's the biggest 'bikes' around, the Invader ATVs! Can't say I was initially a fan of these models, but as is often the case, getting my hands on them has warmed them to me a lot. They were also fairly fun to paint, aside from the areas inside the driver's compartment, with lots of big obvious lines to highlight and an excuse to drybrush a load of snow over the wheels and underside. Easy to build meant the guns are interchangeable without too much hassle (just removing the pegs on the handles) and when adding some wolfy bits I couldn't resist a 'drive my closer so I can hit them with my axe' guy. In the end I'm pleased with the result, and I feel thanks to the head swaps and snow weathering, they have quite a lot of character for what is otherwise a fairly generic kit.

While I was at it, I thought I'd do some WIP pics this time, so I could record my method for doing the armour - in case anyone is interested, and in case I ever have to do any more! Firstly they were sprayed with Army Painter's Wolf Grey primer.

Next step was a drybrush of the now confusingly named Wolf Grey from Vallejo Game Colour.

Then a blob of contrast - the easily differentiated Space Wolf Grey mixed 50:50 with Contrast Medium. It was applied liberally but with the larger pooled areas brush stroked away. This seemed the best way of getting the desired effect without looking too 'contrasty'. On some of the larger panels I then added a bit of a watered down blue wash on the lower half, to add a bit of gradient, though again careful not to let it pool.

Skipping ahead several steps until most of the detail is done, the last addition to the armour (other than weathering and tidying up) was to go back with Wolf Grey (the regular paint one, not the spray one!) for some selective edge highlights.

And that's that. Here's a bunch more completed pictures, I do hope you like them, and you all stay safe.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Serberys Suphurhounds DONE!


A quick break from Space Wolves, but another project for a friend - this time some Serberys Suphurhounds from the Forge World of Metalica! Earlier in the year I built and painted my own Serberys Raiders, so it was nice to have a go at the other variant - turns out they are slightly easier to build and paint due to fewer dangly bits that are dry-brush hazards!

Anyway, a nice and quick paint job (sans basing) that turned out rather smart I think:

Short post this time, but that's it really. Hope you like them, and stay safe out there.