Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Battle Report - Orks vs Custodes


It's another report with the new Ork book, with the third iteration on the Green Tide list taking on JP's Custodes. The previous two versions of this list had got the better of Space Wolves and then Sisters of Battle, but the big golden boys would prove much tougher to shift.

We played the GT2021 mission Overrun, which is a hold two, three and more mission with six objectives, and used a terrain set up intended to be in line with the upcoming LGT, which James is attending (along with Andrew from the last reports), so it was tournament practice time.

My list had evolved from last time to include more units of troops and a second Warboss by taking an additional patrol detachment. To free up the points I have notably sacrificed a lot of the support characters, so no force field or feel no pain - I was finding the effects were pretty minimal anyway. I've also slipped in some recently painted units, Beast Snagga Boyz and some Gretchin! 

Snakebite Battalion and Patrol

HQ: Warboss (attack squig, kombi-skorcha, powerklaw, Brutal but Kunnin, Super Cybork Body), Warboss (big choppa, kustom shoota, 'Ard as Nails, Headwoppa's Killchoppa), Weirdboy (Da Jump, Warpath), Weirdboy (Fists of Gork, Jabbin' Fingerz)

Troops: 4x 15 Boyz (powerklaw), 2x 15 Boyz (powerklaw, shootas), 2x 11 Gretchin, 18 Beast Snagga Boyz

Elites: 15 Kommandos (bomb squig, distraction grot)

Fast Attack: 5 Stormboyz (powerklaw), 5 Deffkoptas (specialist mob: Boomboyz) 

For my secondaries I took Green Tide from the Ork book, Banners and No Prisoners. I wasn't necessarily expecting to score big on them but I would be aiming to get as high on GT as possible early on before all my larger units died, and the others should come pretty naturally from just playing the game. I deployed all across the line, as one might expect, with characters fairly central. Knowing where the Venatari were placed once all my basics were down, I put the Beast Snaggas and the Kommandos on the opposite side of the board! Stormboyz and Deffkoptas stayed in the sky for now.

JP's Custodes list was almost all infantry, obviously built to take ground and hold it indefinitely with a load of shields, then bunch from the deadly Venatari and a blob of Terminators. He was running the Dread Host for a strat to get bonuses to charge out of deep strike. I forget all the details of the list, but both his Shield Captains were buffed up with 3+ invulnerable relics and defensive warlord traits.

HQ: Bike Shield Captain, Terminator Shield Captain

Troops: 3x 4 Custodian Guard (storm shields), 2x 5 Sisters of Silence Prosecutors, 5 Sagittarum

Elites: 5 Allarus Terminators

Fast Attack: 5 Venatari (pistols and bucklers)

His secondaries were No Prisoners (a no brainer against my 159 model list), Banners and Engage. So pretty similar to me! Under the warchful eyes of the Squig, he hid the majority of his force behind ruins, with the Terminators and their boss staying off the board.

We rolled off and I got first turn. At the time I wasn't sure if I wanted to go first or second (not that I had a choice), but in hindsight, it was quite an important roll.

The Orks moved up across the line, advancing pretty much everywhere, except the units designated to raise banners and a couple of potential combats. In the psychic phase I managed to Jump one of the Boyz units up to the far left corner, which, assuming the Kommandos made a first turn charge, would give me the full 5 for Green Tide.

As it happened, they did, making short work of the Sisters of Silence parked on the objective here. Three banners raised, full points for the Tide and a lot of early pressure and board control, a good start for Da Boyz.

The Custodes countered hard in their turn, wiping out the Kommandos with ease and the Venatari using their double shoot to kill 14 of the 15 Boyz who teleported in. Amusingly the lone Nob passed his morale to stick around and be annoying.

WAAAGH!!! Turn two, as seems to be the norm, saw the Waaagh declared, and the Boyz surged forward, surrounding the defenders on the flanks. The Deffkoptas came in to eye up the Venatari while the powerklaw Warboss (Redtoof himself) snuck into the corner of the ruin opposite them. In the psychic phase I put Fists of Gork of Redtoof and Warpath on the Beast Snaggas. The Deffkoptas shooting produced a lot of dice rolls but only one dead Venatari. Then the charge phase...

Glorious combats all across the board! I got slightly lucky and all of my charges went off. Importantly Redtoof made it into the Venatari, while the Custodians on the flanks were surrounded by multiple units. They did prove to be very tough though! With storm shields they still got a 2+ save against choppas, and even with 5 attacks each on the Beast Snaggas, hitting on 2s because of the Warboss aura, they only brought down two of them with the help of the white Boyz mob. Still, every Custodian that falls is a big blow, and 3/10ths of a point for me!

Redtoof swung after the boyz, going in with 8 power klaw attacks at strength 14, and getting to go again with each that didn't get to the damage stage. In spite of this he only killed one Venatari! However that was a minor issue, I had scored some points (full for GT again, 3 banners and 10 primary), a lot of board presence and was denying JP from scoring any primary points in turn two. It was a very good turn.

However, for all my board control I did kind of slip up and leave a big terminator shaped gap in the centre of the board. Combined with the Sagittarum their firepower culled most of the Beast Snaggas, while they lined up a charge onto one of my objectives...

On the left flank more Custodians and the biker Captain came out to play, peppering my Boyz with firepower and preparing some more charges.

Success for both the Terminators and their Captain, going into some shoota boyz on my right objective. I interrupted here in order to pile forward and stop him getting models on the objective, but thanks to their S8 axes ignoring my Snakebite trait, they butchered the whole unit and marched onto it anyway.

The biker Captain hopped over the wall that Redtoof had charged through, cutting down a few boyz in the process, but more importantly getting those sweet Engage points. The Custodian guard also charged into my Warboss to support the Venatari, but between all their combat and the pistol shooting, the boss still lived, and cut down another of the flying boys.

My turn three, I was down to two banners, but scored a decent amount of primary points thanks to an objective held in enemy territory. I decided that I would try to clear some annoying threats from my lines, though I'd probably leave those Terminators alone for now, they are a bit too beefy! Boyz moved into he biker Captain, while the other Warboss (Bluetoof, obviously) looked at taking the head of the Terminator one. I dropped in the Stormboyz to hold my central objective.

Shooting was largely Deffkoptas, this time their Rokkits took a chunk out of the Sagittarum. Also notably one of the grots managed to wound an Allarus Terminator!

With a bit of assistance from the Weirdboy, Bluetoof and the Shield Captain fought a bloody duel, leaving both with a single wound remaining! Elsewhere the combats ground on, Redtoof managing to still hang on and take out those Venatari, while my remnant boyz units dragged down more guard with sheer weight of dice. Importantly I was holding two objectives in the Custodes lines, so with the one the Terminators were occupying in mine that gave them only 5 Primary.

Custodes turn three involved trying to kill what they could and ensure some objectives would be held. The Terminators got revenge on the grots by shooting them all to death, before they marched over and massacred the Stormboyz, taking down another of my banners. The bike Captain jumped out of combat to land next to another of my objectives. Hilariously he is objective secured while the eleven Gretchin standing there are not, so he claimed it and took that banner as well. More shooting and fighting diminished my Boyz on his side of the board, meaning after this I no longer had enough units of 11+ models to attempt to score Green Tide, I was at 13 points on that for the rest of the game. It wasn't all good for them however, as Bluetoof took down the Terminator Captain with a mortal wound from his Killchoppa.

More points for Engage and a banner for the Custodies, but being starved for Primary points meant they were slipping well behind.

Turn four saw more grinding fighting, with the Deffkoptas and Boyz eventually dispatching the Guard on the flank objectives. I once again ignored the Terminators, aside from a bullish Bluetoof bellowing a challenge at them and failing his charge. The Custodies finally picked up 10 Primary in their turn, holding two of mine and one of theirs, and butchered some more Boyz that were nearby.

Turn five, and the Orks were in complete control of the board, having now cleared all the Custodies on their side, Redtoof went into the last Sisters squad on their central objective, killing them with Skorcha and Klaw. The Deffkoptas had a go at the Terminators, scratching their paint a bit, before combing with the Weirdboy to finish off the last Captain with mortal wounds and spinnin' blades. This left the Custodies with a single unit left in their turn - the Terminators, and therefore no way to score banners, engage or primary points. They opted to try and maximise their No Prisoners points by culling the remaining Gretchin.

I didn't remember to record the final score, but it was pretty decisive, something like 75-35 in the Ork's favour, the big swing coming from the Primary points, though the Custodies did eventually get 138 wounds for No Prisoners, so it's not like I had many models left! Oh well, plenty more where they came from! WAAAGH!!!

Fun game with lots of death on both sides, but undeniably one sided in the score (I think this might have been equally so as the Tyranids vs Guard game we played, but roles reversed). I think it was definitely a bad match up for the Custodies, I was able to pretty much do exactly what this list is supposed to do - overwhelm. To that end, getting first turn definitely helped, though I'm not sure the Custodies would have done much on turn one to stop me, they would at least have been able to spread out a bit more and defend their objectives. Overall I'm really pleased with how this list is going, and I think I'm homing in on the 'right' variant for me. I missed the obsec on the Grots and also missed the Snakebite key word on the Koptas, so I think the next change will only be minor - the Gretchin will be the 'Orrible Gitz specialist mobs.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the report, and stay safe!

Monday, 13 September 2021

Death Guard - Pallid Hand


If you've been keeping up with my progress this year, you'll know that I've been painting some Death Guard after discovering the wonders of the sponge. Well apparently at least one other person was interested because I was commissioned to paint another Death Guard force, this time based on the Pallid Hand scheme.

So here's the first batch, a bunch of Plague Marines. As you can see they have a similar dirty, disorganised look to mine, thanks to the use of sponging and contrast and washes. For these though I took a bit of a cue from my Poxwalkers, initially hitting them with a brown spray, then a bone zenithal, then some metal and contrast for details, and finally a bone sponged highlight layer. I'm pleased with the very mottled, chipped look.

Here's some bolter marines, some of which are the Space Marine Heroes models, and the others have nice resin bases. 

Next, some special weapons and banner guys. Particularly happy with the melta gun guy who's weapon looks nice and crusty.

Melee models and champions. No idea if that cleaver is good, but it looks cool!

Rear shot. Really like the weird Plaguebearer face on the back of the fist champion - the Hexwraith for the glowing bits works nicely for me.

Anyway, I hope you like this second Death Guard force. Seems the client really likes them so that's good, and it means there's definitely more coming! Thanks for looking, and stay safe out there.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Double Battle Report - Orks vs Adepta Sororitas


I've been back to Warhammer World for another pair of games, this time against Andrew (aamcking on Instagram) and this time using the second iteration of the green tide Ork list. In a similar format to last time, we played two 2000 point games, starting with a matched play GT2021 battle, followed by a game with the Open War cards.

As before, my list was largely built around lots of Boyz supported by characters and a few small 5 man units of specialists. I did break with the theme slightly by including a unit of 5 Deffkoptas, but I figured they would be able to drop in where required to provide a bit of firepower and work as a distraction. As before it's a Snakebite battalion, and I spent 4 CP off the bat on warlord traits and relics:

HQ: Warboss (powerklaw, kombi skorcha, attack squig, Brutal but Kunnin, Da Killa Klaw), Weirdboy (Warpath, Da Jump, Super Cybork Body), Big Mek with KFF (Brog's Buzzbomb)

Troops: 4x 20 Boyz (powerklaw), 2x 15 Boyz (powerklaw, shootas)

Elites: Nob with WAAAGH Banner (Ard as Nails), Painboy (Surly as a Squiggoth), 5 Kommandos (powerklaw), 5 Tankbustas (bomb squig)

Fast Attack: 5 Deffkoptas (Boom Boyz), 5 Stormboyz (powerklaw)

Heavy Support: 4 Lootas/1 Spanner

Andrew's force was another melee focused Imperial army for me to face, though with a fair bit more shooty support. He took a single battalion as well, running Ebon Chalice and with an extra trait and relic. He told me in advance that his list is all about getting the charge off, being able to get miracle dice sixes when needed. He did tell me what all this stuff does but I have largely forgotten it. There were also some combi flamers mixed in somewhere.

HQ: Celestine and Geminae Superia, Morvenn Vahl (warlord)

Troops: 3x 5 Battle Sisters

Elites: 2x 5 Celestian Sacresants (spear, maces), 10 Celestian Sacresants (spear, halberds), Dogmata (Enduring Faith, Holy Piety, Terrible Knowledge, The Sigil Ecclesiastus), 9 Sisters Repentia, 8 Sisters Repentia

Fast Attack: 2x 5 Dominions (4 storm bolters)

Heavy Support: 2x 5 Retributors (2 multimeltas, 2 heavy flamers, 2 cherubs)

Transports: 2x Rhino (hunter killer)

Other: Repentia Superior (Litanies of Faith), Culexus Assassin

And deployment (with my squig mascot watching on). We were playing Battle Lines (two objectives on the centre line, one in each deployment zone), I picked the secondaries Green Tide (points for having units of 11+ models in multiple quarters of the board), No Prisoners and ROD. Andrew took Engage, Vital Ground (mission specific, points for holding central or opponent's objectives) and To the Last (Celestine, Vahl and the large unit of Sacresants I think).

We both pretty much placed our units according to our own plans rather than paying much attention to where the opponent was. The Sisters were spread out to zone out deep strike and with the rhinos central full of units to head down either flank. Celestine and the Assassin were off the board to strike in, while the large unit of halberd sisters were waiting in strategic reserve.

I had the Stormboyz and Deffkoptas off the board, filled my deployment zone with boyz and then plonked the characters in the middle. The intent being to send most of them down the strongest flank. Also worth noting that we were playing all of the terrain as effectively ruins with obscuring for this game.

We rolled off and the sisters went first.

Turn one featured manoeuvring for both sides. The sisters marched up, keeping much of their forces back and flexible, while killing a few Kommandos and boyz with shooting. The Orks advanced pretty much across the board, didn't really do any shooting, and the last couple of Kommandos failed their suicide charge into the Repentia. Onto turn two!

Sisters turn two, and they set up some charges, Repentia on the right flank and Sacresants out of reserve on the left. Most of the other units pushed up on the left behind them, and a Rhino advanced forward and out of the way in case it exploded. After shooting removed a fair few boyz from various units, both the melee threats made it in to my shoota boyz in the front ranks. However the ones on the right overwatched to kill a few Repentia, then after the Celestians had murdered most of a unit, the right boyz interupted to kill even more Repentia before they could strike. Though both charges were successful and I lost a load of boyz, this turn was not great for the Sisters.

Ork turn two, and it was WAAAGH time! Once again I had a lot of advancing units into position. I got the Stormboyz to drop into my back corner for a second ROD action and to deny deep strikes behind my main push. The remaining shootas that got harassed by halberds fell back, then got Jumped back to hold my objective. The Deffkoptas arrived, killing off a bunch of Retributors withe their rokkits and combining with the Tankbustas to clear away the Rhino. So far so good.

Then a decisive charge phase. Charging units managed to get bodies onto both the middle objectives and the far one, after a big 11 inch from the shoota boyz who dispatched the Repentia. Warboss Redtoof got in to the Halberd sisters and finished them off, while elswhere a bunch of battle sisters, the Repentia Superior and a load more Sacresants with maces were removed. All in all a very solid turn.

Into turn three and the Sisters picked up a big fat 0 for Primary. They would need to hit back really hard to get back in the game. Vahl moved up on the left flank, as did the remaining Retributors and Sacresants, to try and clear me off that objective. The right flank was abandoned, though the remaining Rhino got a charge off onto some Boyz to hold them back. The Shoota boyz on the Sisters home objective for lit up by bolter sisters and Dominions, then finished off by the other Repentia. Finally Celestine dropped into my back corner to remove the Lootas and harass my objective. It all more or less went right for them, but I still had a good chunk of Boyz about.

Ork turn three, and we surrounded to go for the kill. Deffkoptas shooting was a bit of a whiff second time round, killing a single Retributor rather than a whole squad and half a Rhino, but I can't really compain because they then charged in with 9 attacks each thanks to the WAAAGH and finished off the Celestians. Redtoof made a brave charge into Vahl, taking her down with his klaw! Boyz swamped Celestine and took her down as well (though she got better). To add insult to injury the Rhino in melee got taken out and the Boyz piled into some Dominions to stop them shooting, and the tiny remnants of another Boyz mob piled into the last Retributors for the same effect.

Without many options left and way behind on objectives, Andrew called it there at the start of turn four. There would be no way back for the sisters, even if they could kill all the Boyz in their lines they would not be able to catch up. A win for the Green Tide! WAAAGH!!!

A bit one sided, but a good learning experience for both of us. I think Andrew probably split his force up too much, I was able to handle it one unit at a time, while he was frequently trying to kill off units of mine so that he could get shots at characters or trying to kill some without ruining a charge. This was also a game where the Snakebite trait came in a lot, almost all his melee units were going at strength 6 or 7, and his strength 6 heavy flamers effectively did not get their bonus. It was also good to see T5 doing a thing again, stopping a lot of meltas on 2s and bolters on 4s compared with before.

Anyway, onto open war. Andrew is mainly a matched play guy and he hadn't used the cards before, so was eager to see what it was like. We kept the same lists and drew these cards:

Long, wide arrow head deployment, a single objective that would move about the board, and some awful weather to stop advancing and long charges. Should be interesting...

Deployment, once again observed by squig. I had some special units hidden, and the Koptas off the board, but the rest was arranged for a central push. With the inability to declare a 9 inch charge, all off Andrew's forces were on the board. We also decided the Sector Mechanicus terrain would be dense rather than obscuring for this one, which I think is the 'official' stance.

Squig-eye view!

Sisters won the roll off, and opted to go first.

The first couple of turns featured some walking up towards the middle from both sides, and some shooting. My Kommandos got a cheeky charge into some mace Celestians and killed a few before Celestine wiped them out. I suffered significant casualties from combined chip fire and the powered up heavy flamers on the Retributors, effectively halting my advance. In return I did kill off a few more of the specialist sisters with the Lootas fire and some shoota chip damage.

In Ork turn two the Deffkoptas dropped in to do some killing, though the decidedly did not, rokkits bouncing off storm shields, while the Stormboyz jumped up to deal with some Dominions, and got absolutely rinsed on overwatch.

With the objective yo-yoing about in the middle, the two sides were unable to claim it on turn three, however the Sisters finally got their hands dirty, with Celestine leading a flank charge, eliminating the Lootas, while some battle sisters pushed up into the middle to kill off a stubborn lone Nob and provide a screen for the objective.

Those brave, brave sisters. Anyway, they died.

In Ork turn three we eliminated a bunch of sisters, finally getting out choppas bloody, and the Deffkopta rokkits powered up to blast Celestine off her feet, and she stayed down!

A big charge in the middle tagged the Rhinos and put a blob of Boyz in front of my characters, then at the start of turn four the objective went back towards my lines.

However Morvenn Vahl and the Repentia were pretty keen not to let me have it, after the flamers burnt many boyz to a crisp, they finished them off and got a whole load of bodies onto the objective to deny me scoring it in turn four as well.

Characters and Deffkoptas crowded in to the melee, causing all sorts of damage and removing the Repentia. Into turn 5 the objective moved back my way again, hiding under the Deffkoptas. It would all come down to if Vahl and friends could remove them and stand on the objective at the end of the game for two points.

It turned out the Sisters shooting was too good, and the Koptas were removed, leaving no targets to charge on the objective! Vahl instead got into my remaining character (big mek) and infantry near the objective, killing the obsec unit and not giving the Mek a straight run for the objective with a fall back. That meant no one claimed it, and a nil-nil draw!

Very fun game, and Andrew loved it! I think the Open War cards have a new convert. Ultimately no advancing was hugely punishing for a movement 5 melee army, and I think I was very lucky to get out of that with a draw, my boyz suffered horrendous casualties and by the end it was pretty much just the Big Mek left! Not sure what lessons can be learned from that, other than getting shot up for two turns with no real response is bad. 

Anyway, it was a fun day out, and a great couple of games. I'm glad the Green Tide seems to be working, and that the squig was well received by the staff and other gamers! Hope you enjoyed, stay safe.