Thursday, 14 February 2019

Da Ork Project Part 5.5? Half da Boyz is done!


I'm working my way through Da Boyz, one mob at a time!

First there were Da Yellow Wuns...

Then they were joined by Da Pink Wuns...

And now there are Da Red Wuns as well! All based up and ready to go! That's 80 Boyz, half of the Troops in the collection.

You don't mess with the pink boyz! Especially not Ugg in the front row there. The pink unit consists of 30 boyz with choppas and sluggas, including 3 tankbusta bombz and a Nob with powerklaw.

The red unit are similar to the yellow ones, 25 boyz with shootas, included two with big shootas and two with tankbusta bombz. There is a Nob among them with a powerklaw and an alternative with a kustom shoota. You might notice that some of these boyz are notably better painted than the rest - these were a gift from a long time ago. They have been put to good use over the years, though I have not yet managed to meet their standard myself!


Sunday, 10 February 2019

Da Ork Project Part 5 - Da Boyz!


This time I've finally gotten round to the actual rebasing stage of the Great Rebasing. At this point I'm working through 160 Ork Boyz, doing a few repairs and repaints along the way to sort them into 6 units of 25-30 with squad identifying warpaint. At the time of writing, I have finished one 25 Shoota boyz unit (Da Yellow Ones) and have started on 30 Sluggas (Da Pink Ones). If you've been following you'll know I've gone with 32mm base adapters from Tabletop Adapters, so this is kind of a review I guess?

Here's the yellow boyz with their new base adapters attached. The front rank are special guys with two big shootas, two tankbusta bombs and two Nobz - one with a powerklaw and an alternative one with just a kustom shoota in case I want to field a nice cheap objective holding unit. At this stage you can see there is still work to be done!

Sand on the bases immediately makes them look better, but having to paint all that sand black again before drybrushing is a bit of a pain. I've experimented pre-spraying some slate and rubble bits for the next batch to speed things up a bit, we'll see how that goes.

The TTAdapters are certainly faster and easier than ripping off the bases and starting again, but I have found that they are not usually a perfect fit. Possibly because the bases they are going on are already painted and they are designed to fit nice and snug over unmodified bases? Or maybe older GW 28mm bases just vary in size slightly? In any case there is a gap on most of them that needs filling.

Green stuff over the gaps. It's not super smooth but it should make it less obvious in the end. At this stage the sand has been painted as well which really hides the fact that the bases have been extended.

First mob finished! Boom! Yellow markings on the base for ease of identification, and dags on the special ones in case opponents have trouble picking them out. Looking at them all done, I think the bases look pretty good. Definitely hare to tell they were expanded unless you know what you are looking for.

A close up of one of the gaps. It's not been filled perfectly but once painted over I don't think it stands out at a glance. Perhaps I'll put a bit more effort into hiding it on characters and elites, but this is a standard I'm happy with for 160 troop minis!

Finally, a comparison between new and old bases! I hope you'll agree they look a lot more stable on the new ones! I think it's a big improvement, and definitely worth the (relatively little) effort involved!

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Da Ork Project Part 4 - Da Really Big Stuff


This is the last part of project 'update Orks for 2019' that does not involve basing. It's the big boys, the lords of war, the Stompa and the Gargantuan Squiggoth!

Here's what they looked like at the start. All painted, but with a couple of repairs and modifications needed (most notably that arm at the Stompa's feet.)

Stompa first. Known as 'Da Toof Krusha', the Stompa really only needed his arm sticking back on. When I built him I installed several magnets so that he could be used as a kustom stompa with various additions, but I was never very pleased with the bits I made for him, so he's pretty much just standard at this stage. I might go back and add some more options, but given that the Stompa is somewhat over costed, I can't see myself using him with enough regularity to justify more upgrades. Though there is a cheeky belly gun hiding under that glyph...

Stomp me closer so I can hit them with my tiny hammer!

Next up, the Gargantuan Squiggoth aka Nipper. He's had a bit of paint here and there and some magnets added on in order to mount the bonus big shootas his datasheet allows. I did some washing and drybrushing over some of the armour and the slightly modified howda to tone down the brightness a bit and make it more in line with my current Snakebite style (everything is dirty, rusty and probably broken). I also finally did some proper basing on the chunks of resin under his feet, and drybrushed on a bit of dust and mud around them. Finally I reversed the lobba on the back of the howda, so that it's facing backwards. I think it looks better that way, especially with all the big shootas giving the impression of guns firing in all directions.

So there he is, the big squig himself. Though he has never yet survived a game of 40k (and I have owned him for well over ten years) he is a lot of fun, and I'll try and squeeze him into lists as much as I can now that in 8th he is more reasonably costed than ever before.

That's that then. All the big stuff finished, just the Boyz and their bases left to go. Luckily I had a package from Tabletop Adapters arrive in the post today...

Friday, 25 January 2019

Da Ork Project Part 3 - Da Big Metal Stuff


Another easy stage of the Ork project - sorting out all the vehicles and their guns! No bases required changing, (though I did add a bit of static grass here and there) but there were a few breakages to fix and I had some plans to expand the current level of magnetisation. Here's what we were looking at to start with (after fixing a Kan back onto it's base):

At this stage all the gun arms on the Killa Kans (not pictured here) are magnetic, and the Battlewagons have interchangeable small turret options, plus the big turret can be removed. Some options there, but I could do with more...

Here is where we are now. More magnets added, more weapon options painted up and a bit of a rework of the Deffdread.

Deff Rolla wagon with a double big shoota turret option. In a pinch this could run as a Bonebreaker, but the lack of roof on the back puts me off this idea.

The Killkannon wagon. This time loaded up with a grabba klaw and four big shootas. As you can see, I've replaced the periscope and stikkbomb chukkas with magnets for versatility. If required I can go back and add some more vehicle upgrades later. Again, this could be a Gunwagon but for the lack of 'ard case upgrade. I may add a magnetic roof option at a later date for these wagons, but for now I don't see it as particularly thematic to the army so I'm not in a hurry.

The badly photographed (even by my standards) Deffdread. He's had a bit of a makeover, removing his chest skorcha and the remains of a broken wrecking ball from his roof, and ramshackle shoulder pads added with magnetic weapon mounts. Seen here with a pair of Rokkit launchas. I also added a few more weapon options so it can go double skorcha or big shootas. No extra melee weapons at the moment, again, maybe something to come back later.

And finally the Kans. No real change here apart from a few more weapon options and a bit of grass. Since the melee weapons now make a difference, I've tentatively organised them into two mobs, one with klaws and the other with buzzsaws.

Next step will be Da Big Boyz - a bit of a fixing and maybe a touch up for the Stompa and Squiggoth! And after that I'll have run out of things that don't need a base resize. To that end I've just made an order with Tabletop Adapters for 250 25 to 32mm base adaptors. That should make things nice and easy. Maybe.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Mini Battle Report - Orks and Deathguard vs Chaos Space Marines


Yesterday I brought my Orks along to a local gaming night run by Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming, where I played in a 2 vs 2 game, 1000 points per person. Sadly the game was cut short a little so didn't get to reach it's natural conclusion, but we did have a good laugh at some very epic/silly moments.

I took an Ork list featuring a Warboss, Weirdboy, about 60 Boyz, 5 Flash Gitz, 4 Deffkoptas and a Lobba. I was teamed up with Mike with his Deathguard list of a Lord of Contagion, Malignant Plaguecaster, 3 squads of Plague Marines, 2 Blight-haulers and a Bloat-drone. He's new to the hobby and is still learning the game so he has an excuse for unpainted minis.

Facing us were a team of regular-opponent-John's Emperor's Children (Lord, Sorcerer, Exalted Champion, Noise Marines, 2 Cultist squads, 2 Sonic dreadnoughts and a Rhino) and Colin's Word Bearers (Lord, Dark Apostle, 3 Cultist squads, missile Havocs, 3 Contemptors and a Maulerfiend). Colin has been playing for decades, so he has absolutely no excuse for unpainted minis!

We played Strategic Gamble from Chapter Approved 2018, where you have up to 3 maelstrom cards, and you can discard 2 to draw another one, that if you can score that round is worth double points. John and Colin went first...

Deployment was based largely on convenience, I lined up the Boyz opposite John while the Word Bearers and Deathguard faced each other. My Deffkoptas started off the board. In turn 1 the Noise Marines disembarked and the Emperor's Children formed a firing line against my Snakebites. The Word Bearer's walkers stomped up the middle towards Mike's force. Some fire from the dreads killed a few plague marines, while most of the guns went into my Orks, killing off the Flash Gitz (I was looking forward to using those...) and dropping one of the Boyz mobs down to 4 models. They scored a couple of points, but nothing major. The Rhino also shot off to the flank to defend an objective.

In our turn we got a very nice draw. Two objectives to secure that were currently swarming with Boyz, and a third that was being defended by the Rhino...

Da Boyz moved up, and I spent three command points on the Unstoppable Green Tide to bring the unit with 4 models left back onto the board at full strength next to the Rhino. The Deathguard shuffled back from the approaching wall of red/grey and blasted a few wounds off. The drone made a move into the centre to spit plague onto one of the Contemptors. In the charge phase I made an 11 on the charge roll to get da Boyz in, killing the cultists supporting the Rhino and claiming the objective, while denying our opponents the defend card! That was a clean sweep of cards this turn, and first strike!

Colin and John looked to hit back hard in turn 2, though they drew poorly and would not be able to score many points this turn. The dreads continued moving up while the Noise marines once again lined up shots on the Orks, butchering a full unit of Boyz, while the Havocs thinned down another with their frag missiles. John sent his Lord and one of the Sonic dreadnoughts over to deal with my encroaching boyz...

After shooting and melee, that's a lot of dead boyz! Just the Nob left on one wound, until John remembered to do the tongue attack from the steed, which killed him!

Elsewhere the Word Bearers Contemptor charged the Bloat-drone, taking a handful of wounds in overwatch, before the Maulerfiend piled into the last Boyz unit. Sadly for Colin it was built in a previous edition where magma cutters were good, so it was unable to put much hurt on the remaining Boyz. The Warboss bashed some 'eads to keep them in line. Inevitably the Contemptor smashed the drone, but Mike played the Death Guard stratagem to make it explode automatically, doing a mortal wound to the Dread, the Mauler and the nearby Dark Apostle!

In our turn 2 we drew an Ork card that called for my Warboss to kill a unit, and a couple of difficult ones, which we discarded and drew No Prisoners for double points. With lots of slightly damaged Contemptors about the shop, we could potentially score very highly this turn.

Smites and Pestilential Fallout from the Weirdboy and Plaguecaster dropped the Maulerfiend down by a significant amount, while also causing a wound on the Death Guard psyker thanks to a double 6! Shooting from the Deathguard was much more effective this turn, getting their plasma guns into rapid fire range of the dreads and using Veterans of the Long War on one of the double blight launcher units, as well as a maximum damage multimelta hit from one of the Blight-haulers. They downed two of the Contemptors, causing one of them to explode and hurt the Dark Apostle again, as well as my Weirdboy (who got a bit lucky in surviving, since Hellforged units deal d6 damage to psykers when they pop) while my Koptas arrived to chunk some wounds off the third.

In the assault phase my characters piled into the daemon engine, and thanks to the Warboss striking with 5 attacks at strength 6, he managed to bash the last two wounds off the beast! The fiend then exploded, thanks to a command reroll, which killed off the Weirdboy! I wasn't too bothered since this gave us 3 killed units (including one by my Warboss) and after the D3, 5 points that turn, putting our total up to 9.

With time running out, and Mike and I far ahead on points, Colin and John drew their cards and made their moves. Amusingly one of their objectives was to kill a psyker, which they had just done about two minutes ago. My remaining boyz and exposed Warboss did not last long, though the Deathguard proved resilient. (Disgustingly so). The Havocs managed to get shots off at the Plaguecaster, though he took the krak missiles to the face and only lost 1 wound. Elsewhere a few wounds were plinked off the haulers.

In the charge phase the injured Dark Apostle attempted a charge on the Nurgle psyker, who overcharged a plasma pistol, rolling a one. Mike used a command reroll, turning it into a six! One wound roll and a failed save later, 2 damage killed off the Apostle! On the right flank Colin's last Contemptor attempted a multicharge (at John's suggestion) into a Plague Marine unit and the Blight-hauler. Of course, Mike rolled another 6 for over watch with the Multimelta, dealing another 6 wounds, just enough to finish it off! John's Lord made up a little for the embarrassment by charging the Plaguecaster and turning him into rotten Bolognese with his lightning claws, but in doing so he had to leave an objective unsecured.

With that we ran out of time. The Chaos Space Marine alliance had done some significant damage to my force, but the Death Guard were holding strong. John still had most of his army left, but Colin's force had been gutted. So roughly even in terms of models, but we were still way ahead on points, and had a turn in hand, so it was a victory for Da Green Team!

Great fun game, thanks again to Grim Dice for hosting, and hopefully we can do it all again next week!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Da Ork Project Part 2 - Da Easy Bit


Operation Ork is underway! When I got all the boyz out of their boxes to start the project, I made a bit of a roster of what I've got based on their positions in the photo so I can easily see what still needs to be done.

Well that's a lot of stuff to do! Let's make myself feel better by ticking off all the stuff that's basically done or only requires a minor fix.

Please excuse the bed sheet background - the room is full of Orks for some reason...

Firstly, some big bits. The Gorkanaut, a slightly modified Trukk and a scratchbuilt Battlewagon by legendary mekboy Kr00zA. It was originally built to be a trukk in the old days before the current models were out, and the Ork community generally built their vehicles to be bigger. These days it is much closer in size and sturdiness to the battlewagon than the trukk, so that's what it'll be run as.

Next it's the Big Gunz. An index choice now, but still some nice cheap heavy support units that could fill out a brigade. I've got 3 Kannons, 2 Zzap guns and a Lobba in there. The Zzaps are old school Traktor Kannons and previously I have used them as such, but these days I think they are a bit small so I think they are better as the 'generic energy weapon' Zzap gun.

Next up, Meganobz! Older metal ones with a few conversions - most notably the guy with the helmet that opens up.

Flash Gitz! These were a relatively recent job, half of them are made from the 'new' kit, while the others were older conversions that have been tarted up a bit to fit in.

Lots of Deffkoptas. Mostly rokkits, but a couple converted to big shootas, one of which is also armed with a 'buzzsaw' made from the Killa Kan drill.

Two index warbosses, Mega Armour and 'Biker'. Both pretty heavy conversions. I think both could make a reasonable claim for Da Killa Klaw relic as well.

Two 'regular' Warbosses. Metal on the left, plastic on the right. Both converted a bit. The extra well painted one on the left was actually painted by the wife, and is called Blootoof.

Some metal Big Meks. They aren't very thematic for the army, but I do like them. The index choice kustom force field is almost an auto include in most lists, while the Shokk Attack gun is in the codex but barely ever sees the table.

Finally, my weirdboyz! These guys are lovely and fluffy for the Snakebites, and are a solid choice. The one on the right is the standard model, but with a hat. The left one is converted from an old savage orc shaman plus lots of snakes. He was originally built to represent Old Zogwort, an old Ork special character who could turn enemies into squigs, which was awesome!

So, there you have it. A good chunk of the Orks already done! This is easy, I'll get the army done in a few weeks at this rate, right?