Saturday, 14 November 2020

Blackstone Fortress Minis


I've never played it, but I've been very interested in Blackstone Fortress since it popped up on the scene. Something about that mix of Rogue Trader nostalgia and up to date models really hits the spot. So naturally when I had the chance to paint some of the minis, I took it!

Here's the first batch of them - the adventurers from the core set, plus the excellent throwback Zoat and Ambull. Let's have a look at the core ones:

Rogue Trader Janus Draik - AKA Captain Codpiece. I kept fairly close to the official scheme, with his striped trousers, and bluish smoke from his space vape. I had to give him a golden bulge though! 

UR-025 the totes legit Imperial Robot. I was fairly pleased with the bluish paint, made with a wash of Nihilakh Oxide over white, then a white drybrush, though it's a little washed out in the front on pic.

Navigator Espern Locarno, best hat in the set. I'm very pleased with how the third eye came out, a simple bit of source lighting with a few blue/white layers and a selective wash.

Dahyak Greekh the Kroot, reminded me of painting an Ork. Lots of drybrushing and washes, and assorted browns.

Pious Vorne, the extreme hedge remover. Fun model, and good excuse for a bit of messy source lighting around the flames, which I think turned out alright. 

Taddeus the Purifier, affectionately referred to by me as Father Gammon. Fairly happy with the face, the gold and the dirty robes.

Amallyn Shadowguide. Felt a bit dirty painting Eldar, and probably my least favourite result. I debated attempting the vines on the coat but decided against it. I also bodged a new barrel for the gun after it was broken off - I'm reliably informed no mortal man can clip her off the sprue without it breaking.

Rein and Raus - my favourites from the set! I identify strongly with this pair and their fridge. I was a bit unsure about the lighting from the scanner, but I think it worked in the end.

Now on to the extras...

The Archivist - a mysterious Zoat with loads of weird tech. Very happy with the result - especially the alien texture effect on the armour. Such a great mini, possibly just beaten out by...

The Dreaded Ambull! (And friends). Wonderful kit, and again I'm pleased with the result! Lots of techniques stolen from the Tyranids for this one, with a bit of gloss varnish over the gross gooey bits.

Anyway, I hope you liked this little look at these awesome minis, and my attempts at doing them justice. There's a few more to come later as well (the heroes from the Escalation expansion), but for now, that's that. Stay safe!

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