Monday, 13 September 2021

Death Guard - Pallid Hand


If you've been keeping up with my progress this year, you'll know that I've been painting some Death Guard after discovering the wonders of the sponge. Well apparently at least one other person was interested because I was commissioned to paint another Death Guard force, this time based on the Pallid Hand scheme.

So here's the first batch, a bunch of Plague Marines. As you can see they have a similar dirty, disorganised look to mine, thanks to the use of sponging and contrast and washes. For these though I took a bit of a cue from my Poxwalkers, initially hitting them with a brown spray, then a bone zenithal, then some metal and contrast for details, and finally a bone sponged highlight layer. I'm pleased with the very mottled, chipped look.

Here's some bolter marines, some of which are the Space Marine Heroes models, and the others have nice resin bases. 

Next, some special weapons and banner guys. Particularly happy with the melta gun guy who's weapon looks nice and crusty.

Melee models and champions. No idea if that cleaver is good, but it looks cool!

Rear shot. Really like the weird Plaguebearer face on the back of the fist champion - the Hexwraith for the glowing bits works nicely for me.

Anyway, I hope you like this second Death Guard force. Seems the client really likes them so that's good, and it means there's definitely more coming! Thanks for looking, and stay safe out there.

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  1. These are cool, ordinarily my brain would refuse to acknowledge some of the sponging on top of the shading, those shadows have to be pristine. But, this is Nurgle, they don't and it does look like mould is growing on the back of that cloak.

    I really need to find time to get round to my small Death Guard Kill Team, exploring them like you've done will help challenge my preconceptions hopefully open up new skills an approaches. Hopefully your customer is well chuffed with them, I would be.