Saturday 18 March 2023

Speed Painted Orks


Here's another couple of smaller projects that I finished up recently, both of them quick and dirty, but very fun, paint jobs on some Orks! First up, 'Spongechop', slightly converted Warbikers:

Though a little more work was done after, these were essentially done with the 'slapchop' method -  washes or contrast paints over drybrushed models, except that I used the mighty sponge instead of drybrushing, giving a bit of a different texture to the final result:

Here the post sponge stage - I initially sprayed them black, then brown zenithal, then sponged on leather, bone and finally off-white. As you can see this has picked out the raised areas and added texture, while leaving the shadows very dark.

And here are the same models after a coat of contrast over most of the model. I went Militarum Green for the skin, Snakebite Leather for straps, Skeleton Horde for bones and tusks, Flesh Tearers Red for some details and then Black Templar mixed with medium for most of the bikes. I left some of the clothes and deeper areas of the bikes un-contrasted as they were already dark and essentially the desired colours. I added more detail, including a bit of a metal drybrush and some Ork Flesh contrast to the recesses of the skin to get the finished result seen above, but I think they'd 100% be usable at this stage if you wanted a nice quick job.

In a similar vein, the next project was another Ork model painted in a similar style - a Painboy. This was another of those discord one hour speedpaint challenges, so I thought it would be the prefect excuse to test the techniques used on the bikers above against the clock! 

I'm very happy with the results once again, especially for an hour's work. I wasn't initially very happy with the Ork skin with just the contrast over the sponge work, so I added some extra highlights to make it pop out a bit - though the skin on the grot worked very well with the lighter plaguebearer flesh and a bit of ork flesh shading. The sponging is absolutely ideal as a base for all the dirty Ork clothes and rusty metal though which was all easily achieved very quickly.

Anyway, hope you like these boyz, thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!

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  1. Fantastic work! First time I've heard of using a sponge for Slapchop, gotta try it myself sometime. The Painboy turned out really great, amazing what you were able to do in such a short amount of time.


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