Thursday 23 March 2023

Gloomspite Gitz Project - Wave One


Another fun commission project, it's arguably the silliest army in Warhammer, the Gloomspite Gitz. This first wave is mostly 'chaff' gobbo units, but there are some bigger and squigglier things on the way as well! The theme of the army is purple squigs (something that started out here), and it's mostly painted using contrast over sponge-work, in a similar way to my recent speed painted Orks. So let's get started...

First up, your standard basic Gits, Stabbas and Shootas, twenty of each. Nothing fancy, but I did amuse myself by enjoying the 'new' night goblin kit, having once collected a force with plenty of the previous ones in it!

Now we're getting into the fun stuff! Squigs! I currently own three different contrast purples, and I used all three here, including various combinations such as the chimera squig in the front row that's split down the middle.

The Sneaky Snufflers - absolutely top tier naming by GW on this unit, and pretty fun to paint up the various fungal growths they've collected.

Now I think this lot are my favourite models from this wave - they are Grinkrak's Looncourt for Underworlds, and a superb collection of little characters they are. One thing I have discovered during this project is that I'm quite a fan of a goblin in rusty plate armour - which was in part achieved with the old forge world rust weathering powder, mixed with a bit of water and liberally applied.

The fanatics were a special request for this army - the client wanted them to be slinging squigs around on their chains! I was happy to oblige with this delightfully mad request. Once again I had a bit of old goblin nostalgia from these - I remember the metal ones two kits ago!

Finally for this wave a couple of Loonbosses. One armoured git standing on some tactical mushrooms, and the other Skragott the Loonking, who is another super fun model from this crazy range (and another couple of purple squigs!)

So that's that for wave one, but as mentioned wave two has the bigger, squigglier stuff, so keep an eye out for that if you like your squigs purple and your gits hanging on for dear life. Hope you enjoyed these guys, thanks for reading, and stay safe out there! 

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