Tuesday 1 February 2022

Mozrog Skragbad, Big Chompa and da Killa Gnaw


Recently I painted up a couple of big squigs and their riders that I got for Christmas. We've got the Snakebite big boss himself Mozrog Skragbad on the Great White Squig Big Chompa, and a Killa Gnaw from Kromlech -which will be counting as a Killa Kan. Both very appropriately Beast Snaggy to go with the latest wave of Orks from last year.

First lets look at the Gnaw - a cybork squig with a Grotzooka and drill, ridden by an enthusiastic Grot. This was a gift from a secret Santa from the Old Wolves discord group - obviously someone who knows I do like a big squig!

It wasn't just the Gnaw in the gift though - there was also this cute little pumpkin wearing squig! Spooky! I decided to stick it on the base with the bigger squig and keep them together.

Now with that out of the way, here's the big guy himself...

GW really smashed it out of the park with this one, such a fun model! Of course I could have built him as a generic Beast Boss and another Redtoof, probably the more powerful option, but I couldn't turn down the option of a Snakebite specific character. 

Big Chompa the squig got a combination of thinned down purple contrast and then some sponging highlights to give him a battered old sharky look. The sponge also got used for the chipped, rusty metals.

The citadel version of the mini has an amazing tribal tattoo on his shoulder which I don't have the skill to copy - plus it wouldn't show up so well on the darker skin I use for my Orks, so I gave him some red and white war paint instead. Hopefully you can see that it's supposed to be a snake with a couple of borders. 

Anyway, great fun couple of models, and hopefully I'll have a chance to put them on the table soon! Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading, stay safe!

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