Monday, 7 October 2019

Video Battle Report with SorcererDave - Daemons vs Eldar


A little while ago I played a battle report with SorcererDave where my Ryza AdMech took on his Eldar. Well, if you watched that report you’ll know it ended pretty badly for everyone involved. So here is the follow up battle, involving the Aeldari trying to fix the mess they created with their broken webway gate that just happened to start spewing out daemons after the Adeptus Mechanicus definitely didn’t touch it...

This game was a lot of fun, lots of banter and full on narrative mode with a custom scenario and eyeballed army balancing. And with all that, a very close, tense finish. Can the Aeldari of Craftworld Becareth close the webway gate before it’s too late? Will the Great Unclean One get to spread his grandfather’s gifts? Will any of the Skitarii survive? Find out by watching the report!

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