Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Crimson Fist Reinforcements


I recently posted about some Crimson Fists dug out from the collection. As alluded to I had a few more minis to paint up to add to them, so I did:

Ta da! Some scouts and Terminators. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out, and even had a go at some freehand fists. It did remind me that painting marines is pretty dull though. Not enough rust and dirt!

Personally, I still think these scout sculpts hold up pretty well. I've not personally played Space Marines in so long that I still think of the plastic ones as 'new'. These ones definitely stand out from their contemporaries in 2nd edition.

Terminators were a mix of the Battle for Black Reach ones and assorted bits from the full kit and other marine sets. Lots of purity seals and the like to bling them up a bit. As veterans of the Crimson Fists, they all got two red hands, and an attempt at a chapter symbol on the shoulder. Some of them are definitely better than others, but I think, at a distance at least, they do the job.

So now some shots of a full, legal battalion. Captain, Lieutenant, two Tactical squads, the Scouts and the Terminators. I'm sure it's not going to be incredibly powerful, but it looks cool and it might be a handy core to expand upon (unlikely) or add allies to.


  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to getting a lot of games in with my White Scars with the new codex. How are you feeling about the new book?

    1. It seems good, both in a ‘this book has lots of cool stuff in it’ and a ‘this army is strong but not broken’ way. As essentially a SM outsider, I like the combat doctrines as an anti-soup mechanic, and I hope something similar gets rolled out across the board. I am slightly dubious though about the additional level of complexity to what has traditionally been 40k’s ‘beginner’ army and stacking loads of special rules that you don’t really pay for sounds an awful lot like 7th Ed formations.