Sunday, 15 December 2019

No one expects the Imperial Inquisition!


As I recently posted, the wife has a lovely Sisters of Battle army, built mostly during the days of the old Witch Hunters codex. That means there are also some Inquisition and assorted other Imperial units around. So here they are! Consider it part two of the army. So we've got a bunch of Inquisitors (notably including the classic metal Inquisitor Karamazov who appeared in a battle report and somehow didn't fall apart), a load of Acolytes, some Assassins and of course the Rogue Trader crew I painted last year. Most of this was painted by the wife, but there are a few bits I did, notably the Vindicare and the radical Inquisitor with bolt pistol and deamon blade.

And finally, some group photos of just the Inquisitors. Everything you have been told is a lie...

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