Monday 18 July 2022

Space Wolf Dreadnoughts


Some of you may remember a while ago I got commissioned to paint up a bunch of Space Wolves. Well I was recently asked to add to them, with 'some' Dreadnoughts. So here are the results of me batch painting ten Space Wolf Dreadnoughts!

Obviously, they couldn't all fit in the light box! I'll freely admit this was an exercise in efficiency over precision, but I'm pretty happy with the results. The core technique was to spray them all with the blue-grey basecoat, drybrush with a very light grey, cover the armour in Space Wolves Grey contrast (about 50/50 with medium), then add in some selective light grey edge highlights. The gold was also nice and easy, just painted with a regular gold paint then brushed over with a bit of (diluted) Skeleton Horde.

First up, here's some Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnoughts. Plenty of options in this kit, so the right arms are magnetised, as is the left wrist. I wasn't brave enough to do all the secondary weapons, so they've just got underslung heavy flamers.

The magnets mean they can each run the unique wolf/storm/frost/whatever axe and shield options. The wrists are again magnetic, so one could run the double claw version if the wanted, though there would be a missing secondary weapon, I think.

Next up, AWOOOO! It's the Wulfen Dreadnoughts. These all have their arms glued on, but the wrists are again magnets (it's a large flat magnet in place of the whole wrist 'joint', and smaller ones in the weapons) so they can each run any of the options: Axe and shield, axe and claw, claw and shield. 

Ironclad Dreadnoughts next - this time the magnets are in the arm joints so each can have any of the main weapons in the kit. These guys got a bit of a wolfy upgrade with spare parts from the Venerable/Wulfen kit, so hopefully they now look the part. I also used some small magnets to make the tips of the Hunter Killer missiles removable, so they are optional and can be removed mid game once they have been fired.

Finally, the Redemptor. This guy has a fairly extensive upgrade with some 3D printed third party parts, giving him a new head, torso and shoulders. As such I didn't really feel the need to add any bonus wolf parts from the other kits, other than a few transfers. I'm also pretty pleased with the plasma glow, which was dead simple. Just painted light blue, washed with Drakenhof Nightshade, then drybrushed white. A bit of gloss varnish at the end finished the look.

Magnets once again in play here, allowing the big and little Gatling guns to be used.

As I said, I'm pleased with the results. It may be slightly mad to batch paint all these dreads in one go, but it worked for me, though I think I broke up painting all the gold into a couple of sessions - there were a lot of gold bits to find! With this kind of volume, they are inevitably a little messy but the overall effect is I think pretty solid. Plus the client is happy, so all good.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out, hope you enjoyed, and stay safe out there!

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