Monday 17 July 2023

Another Small Project Selection


It's another compilation of recent-ish small projects that haven't appeared on the blog yet! We've got a Dwarf pirate, a bunch of 'Tau' and a hot git!

First up, this guy, one of the infamous Long Drong's Slayer Pirates. This was for a discord speed paint challenge, so he was done in an hour. A classic mini that takes to contrast and the like well - though I did accidentally paint him in jeans! Didn't win the competition but he did get plenty of votes so I'm happy enough with that!

Next up, a bunch of 'Tau' Fire Warriors. A full strike squad of the little blue guys and also a unit of Breachers represented by auxiliary kin, presumably part of a trade deal with the Leagues of Votann. Slightly fiddly conversions for the Breacher weapons, but the result looks decent and with the shoulder pad they fit right in alongside their Tau allies.

Finally for this one, we have the melee monster of the Aeldari, the Avatar of Khaine! As usual, it's fun to paint a big centrepiece model, so this was a pretty good time, using mostly pretty simple techniques and a fairly limited palette. It's a great update of a classic and I think pretty hard to go far wrong with this mini, but that said I'm pretty happy with the result.

Anyway, hopefully you've enjoyed seeing these, thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

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