Monday 3 July 2023

My Seraphon Update


Another Seraphon post, this time with stuff for me! As mentioned before, I managed to grab most of a launch box, so here's what I did with my own new Slann and Raptadons:

Raptadon Chargers - I opted to make both units the melee focused ones, which seem the most powerful individually, as I'm probably not going to be running enough of them to make the synergy between the two types reliable, they are more likely to be running out on their own to charge onto objectives or get in the way of stuff. Still, I'm a big fan of these models and I enjoyed painting them with a more muted but hopefully still striking scheme. They are based on the Snake-kicking Secretarybird, not quite a desert creature for the theme but I think it works well alongside the mostly brown lizards.

And here is my new Slann, sitting on his sandstone throne. I used pretty much all the alternative components to the lava one I built previously, including the cheeky Snakebite symbol at the top! Once again, it's a great kit and I had a good time painting him a bit like the Hypnotoad!

Here he is side-by-side with his predecessor. I didn't quite realise how much bigger this model is! The old frog isn't too far off but his throne is tiny- makes him look very cramped!

Of course the box also came with a new Battle Tome and assorted cards to go with it. Before got round to painting up the models, I had a go with the new rules, playing against Blades of Khorne with a Koatl's Claw Coalesced list. 

The game ended up in a narrow loss, but was pretty close and probably could have gone either way based on a couple of key rolls. The Saurus units felt a lot better than they did previously, with extra wounds, better attacks and better save near objectives made them really tough to shift outside of mortal wounds from charging bloodletters. The army rule changing from +1 to hit to +1 to wound on the charge was a big improvement, allowing it to stack with all out attack for a pretty nasty charge from pretty much anything Saurus. Both the dinosaurs I used, the Carnosaur and Troglodon felt much more impactful as well, with more beneficial buffing rules, extra wounds and more forgiving degradation. Judging by internet reaction it looks like the Starborne are the more powerful option these days, but I'm happy enough with the improvements to continue to play them as the no-nonsense fighting lizards I'm sort-of used to. I'm a little disappointed that the Saurus Knights got left out the book in favour of newer, bigger models, but with the doubling of cost for Warriors I've got plenty to fill the gaps!

Hopefully there will be some more AoS oppertunities coming soon, I would love the get the new units on the table, and play around with more of the new rules. As an aside, all the cards that came with the box are great, and I'm glad 40k has gone to data-cards, they are super useful compared to flipping through a codex or searching on an app! Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

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