Thursday, 14 February 2019

Da Ork Project Part 5.5? Half da Boyz is done!


I'm working my way through Da Boyz, one mob at a time!

First there were Da Yellow Wuns...

Then they were joined by Da Pink Wuns...

And now there are Da Red Wuns as well! All based up and ready to go! That's 80 Boyz, half of the Troops in the collection.

You don't mess with the pink boyz! Especially not Ugg in the front row there. The pink unit consists of 30 boyz with choppas and sluggas, including 3 tankbusta bombz and a Nob with powerklaw.

The red unit are similar to the yellow ones, 25 boyz with shootas, included two with big shootas and two with tankbusta bombz. There is a Nob among them with a powerklaw and an alternative with a kustom shoota. You might notice that some of these boyz are notably better painted than the rest - these were a gift from a long time ago. They have been put to good use over the years, though I have not yet managed to meet their standard myself!


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