Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Da Ork Project Part 6 - Nobz!


It's been a while since I've posted anything. Sadly life has conspired through various means to stop me playing 40K, but I have been doing plenty of nerdy stuff, including rebasing/updating more Orks. I got a bit bored of just Boyz, so I jumped ahead a bit and grabbed the Nobz mob and a few elite characters to base up. The Nobz also needed a bit of a re-arming, since I have decided I really like Big Choppas, so now I have a mob of 10 with 9 big choppas, and double Killsaws on the Boss. Choppy!

Here they are all done! A mix of original paint jobs from the mid 2000s and repaints, hopefully it's not obvious which are which. I've included several weapon options from the AoS range instead of just chain choppas, which hopefully, along with the squigs and their warpaint, gives them a nice Snakebite feel.

More shots of the unit divided into two so you can see the individuals a bit better. I think my favourite is the one in the middle of the bottom picture. He looks like he has had just about enough and is ready to split some gits in two!

Rear/side angle for a better view of the warpaint and stuff.

And finally the elite characters that often follow the Nobz around. A WAAAGH! Banner, a 'Mekboy' (Smithboy perhaps?) and a slightly redundant Painboy, who's main special rule (6+ to ignore wounds) is pointless to Snakebites because they all get it anyway.

Anyway, hope you like them. Now back to the Boyz...