Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Battle of Morgan's Reach - The Story So Far


Yesterday, after many delays, I finally got back down to SorcererDave's house to play the last installment in our Morgan's Reach Campaign, pitting the forces of the Cadian 404th against the might of Hive Fleet Goliath. It's been an awesome experience, and I think we ended the campaign on a high note - it was a fantastic game of twists and surprises.

Without wishing to spoil anything, we planned a few things to bamboozle the viewer, but the dice also gave us some glorious moments. In addition got to be a complete bastard in using a particular Tyranid stratagem, which was fun. I think you lot are going to like it, and I'm sure SorcererDave is going to do an excellent job in the editing and it's going to end up looking even more epic than it was to play!

So I thought, instead of doing my usual 'here is my list' bit, I'd do a quick run down of the story so far, with links to all my various blog posts and the videos themselves, so you can all catch up if you want/need to. I'll try and keep it spoiler free for anyone who hasn't seen them.

The Campaign began with the planet of Morgan's Reach in the Acheron Sector readying itself for a Tyranid invasion force. The Imperial command was aware of the approaching Hive Fleet, though they were convinced by an apparent Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos that the attack was many weeks off, and that the defences would be more than enough to withstand the attack. As it turned out, an insidious evil was already working away on Morgan's Reach, and the forces of the Cadian 404th were caught out of position as the invasion started much earlier than predicted...

In the second part of the campaign, in a scene that was being repeated in all the major cities of Morgan's Reach, the walls of Hive Hephaestus had fallen, and the Tyranids were swarming into the ruins surrounding the spire. With the Imperial forces split, it came down to bloody, street to street, hand to hand fighting to attempt to keep the xenos menace at bay.

In part three, Imperial command ordered a bold flanking attack of the Cadian 404th, who attempted to use their heavy armour to break through the Tyranid lines and strike a killing blow to the attackers of Hive Hephaestus. But out on the plains, after weeks of absorbing bio-matter, Goliath had grown it's own monstrous, heavily armoured defenders.

And finally, in a battle report coming to your screens soon, the last of the Cadian 404th and the Imperial high command on Morgan's Reach stood defiant in their last bastion, in the shadow of Hive Hephaestus, aiming to sell their lives dearly against the oncoming swarm of Hive Fleet Goliath. For them it seemed all hope was lost, but in a desperate bid for aid, the last of the planet's astropaths congregated behind the defensive lines and attempted to break through the shadow in the warp to call for aid from any nearby Imperial forces...

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