Sunday, 5 April 2020

The Lizard Project - Saurus Knights


Some of you may remember I have a bit of a Seraphon/Lizardmen army that's been sitting around largely unused for years. It looks a bit like this:

Well, I've been and grabbed a few more bits for them, enough to make around 2500 points for Age of Sigmar I believe. I had intended updating them to be my 'main' hobby project for 2020, but for obvious reasons I'm on target to smash them out in a couple of weeks. Currently everything is built, and it's just painting to go.

This 'update' is a case of adding new units rather than overly modifying old ones, and I've no intention of rebasing my whole collection onto round ones. That said, I had enough of the ovals to base up 16 Cold One riders, so I decided to get all the Knights onto the newer style bases, so that's where I've started with the painting.

We've got a combination of eight older minis with new bases (and spears), and eight newly built and painted ones. They make up three units of Saurus Knights and a Scar Veteran, which forms one of the battalions in the battletome, should I wish to play it.

The Scar Vet, a Saurus hero unit, is an old kit bash made from a combination of the knight and Temple Guard bits. I'm pretty pleased with how he looks so he just got a new base. Notice that his cold one mount has feathers like a real dinosaur! I have to admit that I was too lazy to make feathers on the new ones, so my cavalry are riding a mix of different cold one species.

This lot are mainly newer ones. Hopefully it isn't immediately obvious at a glance, but they are not quite to the same standard as the older ones. Mainly because it's been so long I've forgotten which paints I use (and I'm pretty sure whatever they were, some of them don't exist any more.) That aside, I'm happy with the gold 'mask' helmet on this unit champion.

This couple of pics show old on the left and new on the right. As you can probably see, they don't quite match, but I think it's close enough for the tabletop. I intend to mix up new and old into a blob anyway so it shouldn't be obvious. Like this:

Anyway, next on the bench is a couple of 10-lizard Saurus Warrior units, which will form another battalion with the 20 I've already got and an Old Blood. And after that, it's a couple of dinosaurs and a frog...

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