Monday, 24 August 2020

Narrative Wargamer Podcast


Bit of a different one this - I was on a podcast! I stumbled upon the Narrative Wargamer Podcast while finding stuff to listen to when travelling to SorcererDave for a battle report. I figured it would be worth a go, since I was indeed going to play a narrative game of 40k, and that's pretty much what they talk about - they aim to fill the somewhat empty niche when it comes to talking about narrative play in 40k and focus on stuff like running campaigns or specific narrative scenarios.

Fast forward a bit, and I contacted them about appearing on the show - a little narcissistic perhaps but I feel like I had something to offer and participating in the wider Warhammer community is something I'm a fan of (hence why this blog is here and not just a series of private documents just for me.) After a somewhat cursed first attempt, we finally recorded something, and here it is: Cleanse the Hull (can also be found on assorted podcast sources) - a podcast discussing the scenario of the same name from Saga of the Beast, which is not about cleaning a certain city north of the Humber, but is in fact about fighting over breaching sites on the outer hull of a star ship.

I hope you enjoy listening (and if so, they have a bit of a back catalogue now which might be of interest) and stay safe!

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