Tuesday 27 October 2020

Redtoof’s Rogues’ Gallery


It's Orktober, I've got a light box, and I've been putting various Ork models in and out of various boxes all month. So I thought I'd take some photos of my characters! Starting with Redtoof himself. (Well, one of them).

Here he is with his various attendants. Of course, this is only the 'current' Redtoof - as mentioned in my lore for No Surrender 2, whoever grows (or claims) the Red Toof, gets to be the Warboss of the tribe. He is (usually) from the Snakebite clan, tends to be 'Da Biggest Boss' and grabs 'Da Killa Klaw'.

This is Gubbinz, the head Big Mek of the tribe. He claims to be a Snakebite, but rumour has it he's really a Deffskull - he certainly seems to like he like looting stuff and building fancy new tech.

This is the tribe's somewhat hapless Weirdboy, Durrork Orkora. He's a bit weird, as expected, sometimes he gets possessed by 'spirits', but most of the tribe pay him no attention.

Sometimes the tribe is blessed by a visit from the legendary Old Zogwort - the infamous Warphead known for turning opponents into squigs. (Sadly no rules currently exist for this ability - maybe in the next Codex?) He's useful to have around for a scrap, and there's always an abundance of tasty squigs after he's gone!

Two of Gubbinz' associates. Also totally Snakebites. Legit.

Sometimes that Red Toof doesn't quite come through right - this is Warboss Bluetoof. He's not always respected by all the Boyz, but he is well connected! This is the only one I didn't paint - the wife did this one.

Here's a couple more of the helpers - a Painboy (who doesn't see much of the field, since Snakebites are so tough) and a Nob with the WAAAGH banner, encouraging the Boyz to chop harder.

And here's the regular lads striding forth on a blood soaked battlefield! Or a red background in the light box - I thought it might look dramatic. I hope you enjoyed, thanks for looking, and stay safe!

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  1. Lovely stuff buddy, a properly characterful bunch of lads, they look smashing :)


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