Sunday 17 January 2021

Deathskull Ork Characters


First commission of 2021, and a fun one! A whole bunch of Ork characters (and something a big bigger...) turning up in a rokk from across the Atlantic. The brief for these was that they are Deathskulls, usually, but not quite as blue - obsessed as many of their kin are. The existing scheme is largely dark clothes and bare metal armour, so I'd be adding colour a little more selectively than my Boyz or the last Ork thing I painted. As usual, I was asked to not do the bases. Other than that I was given fairly free reign, so here's what I did:

First up is this rather savage looking Warboss, mildly converted from the AoS Megaboss. As he looks pretty primitive I decided he'd have no paint on his armour at all, and instead the colour would just come from the corrosion of the various metals involved. A splash of warpaint and I think he looks 'blue' enough if you squint a bit.

Next a couple more Warbosses, each given a bit of blue, worn down paint on their armour or straps and cabling, as well as a big colourful squig. The purple one is probably my favourite part of this whole batch of minis, it's a real character. I also couldn't resist painting a Redtoof glyph on it's master.

Some Mega Armoured ladz next - two Nobz and two big Meks with assorted gear. Plenty of rust and grime on this armour, and once again the blue cabling came out to add that splash of colour. Conveniently also contrasting well with the areas of rust.

The Painboy took the 'blue cabling' idea to it's logical conclusion with blue pipes carrying blue toxic goo. Also note that all the dried blood is from the contrast Flesh Tearers Red, which added that nice extra touch to the model. 

The weirdboy, another favourite. Glowing eyes and staff were fairly simple - the former effectively a 'reverse highlight' of the eyes, going from dark blue to white in a few steps, the latter a light green with Hexwraith Flame liberally slapped over it. The smoke was also nice a simple - I think I painted it Rakarth Flesh then washed with Space Wolves Grey contrast.

Finally, a couple of grots! That's the very festive Red Gobbo and the very lucky Makari. And you know if Makari is about...

Anyway, hope you like them, I had fun getting back to Greenskins. Next post will be a bit like this one, but bigger. Much, much bigger...

Stay safe!

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