Saturday, 26 June 2021

Narrative Wargamer Podcast - Unbalanced Games and AdMech on Crusade


Another Narrative Wargamer Podcast! This time I got to take a deep dive into the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex to look at the Crusade section - which is as full of crazy stuff as the rest of the codex is, so that was quite a long chat! I'm really excited to get the Helios Exploratory Crusade back up and running and go searching for some Archeotech Treasures!

We also chatted about 'unbalanced games' - narrative ones where one side might outnumber and out-point the other, which I think is a concept that most narrative players will have dabbled with, while many tournament types would be horrified by. It put me in the mind of the Morgan's Reach campaign finale with SorcererDave, where a line of guardsmen had to defend against waves of Tyranids, with the balancing factor being that they just had to hold out and survive.

Anyway, hope you like the podcast. I think this one in particular was a good showing of what the Narrative Wargamer Podcast is about - filling the niche that most of the big 40K channels ignore, that is Crusade and other narrative play content. I hope we are doing a decent job of showing that actually, that stuff is also cool and interesting. So please, give it a listen if you've got some painting to do or some time to kill, and stay safe out there!

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