Sunday 19 December 2021

Battle Report - Orks vs Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knights


Back to the Old Wolves Warhammer World meet up - for a second game my infantry heavy Snakebites teamed up with some vehicle heavy Freebooters to take on Imperial Knights and AdMech Robots! My list was the same as in the last game, but with the addition of 1250 points of buggies, Squighog riders, Killa Kans, Deffdreads and a somewhat familiar Burna Bomma

Our opponent took two 1250 point lists to the event, so mashed them together. The Knight Magaera, Knight Valiant (#rightdominus) and a Helverin teamed up with two big units of Kastelan Robots, a cheeky 5 Rangers and a gaggle of supporting characters.

Here's the deployment. Funky right? Another Open War draw:

Six objectives, scored in the command phase, a funky chevron no man's land deployment and extra attacks all round! I kept the Koptas in reserve and the Freebootas popped their Deffdreads in the tellyporta. The Kommandos did a sneak up the flank. The roll off happened and Orks got first turn...

Turn one features a lot of moving forward for the Orks, claiming lots of objectives for next turn and having some inconsequential shooting. The Bomma flew over the blob of characters and Robots to deal out a few mortal wounds, while the Kommandos ran up and deployed their distraction grot to inflict some damage on the Magaera, though not enough to degrade it, and all ending up dead in response.

The Mechanicus forces shuffled around a bit turn one, with a lot of targets in sight, and opened fire. Purple and Blue boyz suffered heavy casualties, Beast Snaggas were wiped between shooting and melee from the Valiant, our Squighog Boyz fell and the Bomma took damage but stayed in the sky. Overall could have been worse but we wouldn't be able to absorb that every turn! We were however starting turn two on three objectives, so that's points on the board.

Our turn two and it was operation claim objectives and kill a knight. The Magaera drew the short straw, taking some somewhat flaccid firepower from the newly arrived Deffkoptas, Killa Kans and Shokk Jump Dragster. On the other flank the Dreads dropped in, while the flyer left the board and the remaining Boyz and Squig moved up to get in the way. Rather unfortunately the Deffdread closest to the Helverin failed the charge, but one did make it into the Robots alongside the Wartrike, after the remaining Boyz ran in to eat overwatch. They didn't end up doing much damage but they did stop scoring. 

On the left a lot of stuff piled into the Magaera, but only the Hit 'em Harder Meganobz were required to strip off it's remaining wounds and bring it down. It then promptly exploded, taking a huge chunk out of the Ork advance!

Mechanicus turn two, they picked up two objectives and got to killing. One of the big robot blobs used a teleporter stratagem to jump to the other side of the board and assisted the Valiant in clearing a lot of stuff from the flank, though thankfully failing a charge into the remaining Killa Kans. The remaining robots and Helverin on the right flank cleared the Orks off their objective and took out two of the three Dreads. Another brutal turn to blunt our offense, but we still held three objectives.

Turn three, up to 6 points for the Orks, but running out of assets. The plane came back and did a smidgen of damage. Left flank basically did nothing other than tripling up on an objective with Boyz, Kans and my Weirdboy. On the right flank it was operation stop scoring - the remaining Dread and the Smasha Squig went ramming into the Helverin, battering it with mortal wounds.

The Kans charged into robots, this unit lacking fists so they would be 'relatively' safe in there, and more importantly making it tough for the Kastelans to claim the objective. Added bonus - the Kans brought a couple of them down!

Going into Mechanicus turn three, and a mere one objective being held by the Valiant. 6-3 to the Orks currently!

Not much left for the Orks after the turn three shooting and melee. The Dread was cleared off the former Helverin objective, though the Nob on Squig survived. The fist robots managed to make it into the remaining units on the left flank to take their objective. On the right my remaining boyz on our 'safe' objective took some damage, and the Kans got peppered with melee shooting and then charged by the AdMech characters to try and shift them, but they held for now. In the centre the Valiant charged into my 11 strong Gretchin, killing off 10 of them, leaving one 'Orrible Git on the objective! Since he was clearly a brave boy, I spent the CP to keep him from running.

Thanks to that, the Orks controlled four objectives in turn four, giving us a score of 10 points! We had very little left to play with though, so all we could really do was throw the Squig Nob into the shooty robots to unsuccesfully try and stop them claiming our objective from the Kans

Thanks to a lone Datasmith (which in hindsight we should have targeted with the Bomma), the Mechanicus alliance picked up four points, leaving the score 10-7 going into turn 5. The Grot got obliterated, and the Kans were overwhelmed. Some long range firepower pointed at my Boyz, killing them down to just the Nob. This meant that, looking at turn 5, the Mechanicus would be scoring four points regardless of what we did, for a total of 11. We were currently sat on 10 points, so would need to score a single objective in our turn to draw the game. So it all came down to a morale check on the Nob, needing a 1, 2 or 3 to stay.

I rolled a 4, handing victory to the AdMech and Knights, 11-10!

Another gloriously close game! I think we were left with just the Bomma alive, while the Imperial forces still had a big knight and more than half of the robots, but it still came down to a single dice roll! Regardless of the result, I had a great time catching up with people and hanging out in Warhammer World (and having a nice burger at Bugman's!) - I hope you've enjoyed these write ups, thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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