Thursday 21 May 2020

Seraphon Army


If you've been following me or my blog recently you'll know I've been mostly working on my Seraphon/Lizardmen over the past months. Now that I've run out of lizards to build and paint, it's time for some complete army shots. So I got all the toys out on the table and made a cup of tea in an appropriate mug...

So as a reminder, here is the original army, built and painted pre-Age of Sigmar. It's themed around being desert lizards rather than jungle lizards, and as such is considerably more muted and 'realistic'. I'm quite happy with them, but it was lacking in the important areas of big dinosaurs and magic frogs. So I added some stuff, essentially the contents of two start collecting boxes and a Slann. I've done blog posts as I went along completing units in sections. Saurus Knights (a mix of new ones and old ones with new bases), Saurus Warriors, Troglodon, Slann Starmaster and finally Saurus Oldbloods/Carnosaur. Now the whole lot is done, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. I think it should come to around 2500 points in the new Battletome, which should allow me a bit of variation in building armies if I ever get round to playing AoS or old Warhammer again. There have been murmurings of AoS battle reports over on SorcererDave's Youtube channel, so perhaps you'll all get to see them there?

Anyway, enough words, time for some pictures. Hope you enjoy:

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  1. Awesome work mate, that is an army to be proud of. I came veeeeery close to picking up some Seraphon, but ended up with Sylvaneth instead. My dream is to do a Dinoriders inspired 40K army one day...


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