Friday 13 April 2018



This is my first post on the blog, and I thought I'd write a little about it's purpose. As the description says, the blog is mostly going to cover 40k content, and is mostly for my own amusement. The intention is to post pictures of my armies and battle reports, primarily for my own record. I normally post on various forums but transferring to a blog makes some sense as it's easier to share with people in multiple places and I hopefully don't have to worry about my image sharing site moving or putting up a ridiculous paywall. (Grumble grumble). On the subject of images, I do like them, but currently I'm using my iPad for pictures so they aren't the best quality. I'm going to randomly post some below so you can decide for yourself if it's worth following.

I say the blog is mostly 40k, there may well be some other bits and pieces popping up over time (I have a Halfling Bloodbowl team on the painting table) but I won't be following any real schedule so could be posting all 40k for months then a blast of something else for a bit. It'll be a surprise for you and me. Speaking of you, whoever you are, please feel free to comment, send feedback, whatever. The blog is for my amusement, but I hope what amuses me also amuses some other few individuals. The hobby seems to have been growing more as a community recently and I'm all about that.
So here are some pictures from some of my games, if you like what you see, please stick around!


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  2. Hey its me, we share mental carapace colours. I didn't realise you had a blog?! I havent had a chance to read properly yet but this is cool. I saw your bio and we share like 3 armies, I dont have any Orks but I have Adeptus Mechanicus, Chaos (marines and Daemons of Tzeentch) and Tyranids! I still havent taken an army photo yet, but I havent forgotten!

    Oh yeah, the reason for the message is your blog, we got a hit from it, now I don't think there's any reason for someone to come to ours right from yours so I found it interesting. Anyway, nice to see you sharing your stuff. We are pretty new to blogging too (just over a month) but I love the idea of sharing ideas and inspiring each other. What are you working on at the moment?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Only just started blogging, so just the 4 posts for now, but more to follow. You'll have gotten a view from here as I've listed your blog in the 'blogs I like' section that should show up to the right of the page if you are viewing on a PC or tablet. Doing my bit to build the community, especially for similarly orange minded painters!


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