Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Fractured Truth, Alpha Legion Warband


This post is kind of the catalyst for starting this blog. I wanted to share these pictures on forums but the image hosting site I was using at the time died. I decided that rather than finding a new hosting site and hope that it didn't suddenly decided to move or charge for it's services, I'd put a little more effort in and start a blog, with the idea that it would be easier to share and less likely to just disappear off the internet when I'm not looking. Ironically, that's exactly what this army would do if given the choice, because they are sneaky Alpha Legion Chaos Marines.

This army comes to around 4500 points, and consists of a mix of the 40k chaos marine models and the plastic Heresy marines. At one point I had two separate Alpha Legion armies for 30k and 40k, sharing their transports and the like, but I wanted the flexibility of using all of those lovely plasma guns, so recently I did a bit of a repaint to make them all look similar. A bit of bit swapping between the two to blur the lines and the application of Forge World transfers and I think I've now got a coherent looking force that could probably pass in 30k or 40k. This is the full force for now, but since Forgeworld have started showing off a certain new Primarch, I might have to grab some extra models...

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  1. Mate, they look fantastic! I love the two-headed Heldrake, it's a great centrepiece for the force. I look forward to seeing some Primarch shenanigans in the future ;-)


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