Wednesday 20 November 2019

Video Battle Report with SorcererDave - Tyranids vs Orks


It's another SorcererDave battle report, this time my Tyranids vs his Orks. We played a 'normal' game, 1750 points matched play, Cleanse and Capture. Of course, we had to have a bit of a narrative twist, so the game takes place inside a space hulk - we played it as though the wall terrain pieces went up to the ceiling, meaning they couldn't be seen or moved over. This made the game very interesting, and suited our two melee focused armies down to the... metal plated floor?

As usual, we had a blast, and I hope that translates well to the video. SorcererDave always does a great job with the editing, especially the intro/outro, which are a nice touch for what isn't primarily a narrative game. I know I am a bit biased on this, but I really think these battle reports are deserving of many more views than they usually get, and it'd be nice to see SorcererDave talked about in the same sentence as the 'big names' in YouTube battle reports. I really hope you all like them as well (even the ones that I'm not in!)

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