Sunday, 12 July 2020

Eight Days on Reuvengrad Part 2 - Narrative Campaign with SorcererDave


Once more going back to the before times when one could freely visit a friend to play toy soldiers and film it, here's part two of the latest narrative campaign with SorcererDave, Eight Days on Reuvengrad

After the events of part one, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Ivan Herrick follows up on a lead on the planetary governor's aid who seems to have been cooperating with heretics. He leads a small force of Skitarii from the forge world of Ryza, accompanied by two ancient relic Kastelan robots on a mission to a remote space port in the mountains, where they find the work of the great enemy is already underway...

As before, it's a super narrative game and obviously filmed in the 8th edition ruleset, although I think if you are into this kind of game the exact rules will be of a secondary concern behind the drama of watching the events unfold and the Sorcerer's excellent storytelling. I do hope you enjoy it - having forgotten much of what happened I watched it and found some slightly narcissistic amusement in my own antics! We're both keeping an eye on the Covid situations in our areas and planning to film more as soon as reasonably possible after 9th edition properly drops. I suspect we'll need a few games of 'normal' 40k first though before we feel confident enough in the new rules to totally break them for narrative purposes!

Anyway, watch the video, have fun and stay safe everyone. 

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