Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Eight Days on Reuvengrad part 1 - Narrative campaign with SorcererDave


Those of you who have been reading for a while may remember back at the start of the year I posted about a narrative campaign that SorcererDave and I had been planning and had started filming - about the Inquisition investigating heresy on the planet of Reuvengrad. Well, due to obvious reasons, we've been unable to film any battle reports recently, so the two we had done were waiting for things to go back to 'normal' before being put on the internet. The intention being to not have a big delay between episodes. However with 9th edition 40k on the horizon, the decision was made to start releasing them now while we are still in 8th edition.

That said, this campaign is Narrative play, with a capital N. There are a lot of 8th edition rules that we modified or outright ignored for narrative purposes. It's not balanced, it's not competitive, it's not even got proper armies. This campaign is very much driven by the story. It's got action, it's got drama, it's got RPG elements and a mad Sorcerer acting as a 'Dungeon Master'. It's inspired by Dan Abnett books and Dark Heresy campaigns and the old Inquisitor battle reports from White Dwarf. If all that sounds cool to you, please go and give it a watch:

I really hope you enjoy this one, I know I did. And I really hope we can film more before too long. Stay safe out there everyone!

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