Wednesday 30 December 2020

Drukhari Haemonculi Coven Done!


Last post of the year for me, and another quick 'commission' - a small Drukhari patrol with Wracks, Talos and led by Urien Rakarth himself!

Again, bases unpainted as they are to be done up to match an army, but otherwise this little lot are finished. I don't think I've ever painted any Dark Eldar before, so this was a fun first - and I felt justified in making them a bit messy and dirty compared with how their clean cousins might look.

Wracks were painted up, appropriately enough, with Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh, then a assorted washes. I have no idea what all the crazy weapons they have do, but they look cool!

I'm definitely pleased with the results on the Talos, a bit of a messy job but turned out looking pretty sinister. The carapace was stippled dark green over a black undercoat, with the brass edging semi-randomly applied, then all washed in black, and a bit more brass added. Skin and bone sections were essentially the same as the wracks, and for a bit of extra colour I added some blue or red to the tail weapons, designating haywire and heat lance respectively.

Finally the man himself. A bit of a faff, being finecast, I kept finding bits to remove while painting the details - there's so much weird stuff on this guy I couldn't see it until I was actually painting that part!

There you have it, a fun little project to end this strange old year. I'll do a fashionably late 2020 review post at some point, but until then, thanks for looking, and stay safe out there.

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