Thursday, 3 December 2020

Space Wolf Firestrike Servo-turrets


Since none of my armies currently have a shiny new 9th edition codex, I'm still working away on some Space Wolves for someone else. This time three of the new Firestrike Servo-turrets, modified a little with some extra wolf bits. These kits were nice and easy to put together- they are push fit, so I was able to paint up both sets of guns for each of them to be swapped around. Also no bases - I forgot to mention last time the 'client' is providing special resin bases for them all so that was one thing I didn't need to do.

I've improved my grey armour skills since the Thunderwolves, which is good because there was quite a lot of it on these minis. I did still find the large flat areas on the shields looked a bit... contrasty, even after layers thinned with contrast medium and then a blue wash over the lower half. However once some battle damage and edge highlighting went on to break up the colour I'm happy with it - inconsistencies look more like wear and tear than mistakes in application.

Anyway, hope you like these grumpy/drunk old Iron Priests sitting in their battle chairs! Stay safe!

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