Saturday 29 May 2021

Drukhari Wave Three - Wyches, Wracks, Incubi, Mandrakes


The Drukhari project is done! For now at least. I've painted up a load more infantry models, Wyches, Incubi, Wracks, Mandrakes, and some extras. As before, this was all done to my 'quick' painting standard (and without doing bases) - focusing on getting them done efficiently but looking good on the tabletop. My rule is that if someone says it looks good from four foot away, then it looks good! No take backsies! That said, I still wanted to put them in the light box and get some decent photos of them:

Wyches - painted to match the Hellions and Venom riders of the previous batch. Nice and simple.

More Wracks, once again, similar to the original bunch I did. Really like the twin meat hooks guy. Not sure if that's supposed to be a special weapon for them, but it looks awesome!

Incubi, again, attempting to match the previous scheme. I do think the face plate glow is an improvement though, it's a bit more dramatic with the ever useful Hexwraith Flame.

Speaking of which - Hexwraith got a prominent role in these Mandrakes for their ghostly green fire and for their blades. I deviated from the 'box art' versions a fair bit for these, but I think the result is pretty spooky, and in keeping with the rest of the force.

A straggler from the Scourges of wave two.

And finally, Ur-Ghuls from the Blackstone Fortress set. Not sure what these creepy lads do for the Drukhari, but I think they can hang around with an Archon. They probably just add to the ambience. 

Hope you like them, there's some fun variety in this range, the Mandrakes in particular were a fun job. Anyway, see you next time, stay safe!

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