Thursday 12 August 2021

Death Guard - Hobbypocalypse bonus!


With the DZ Hobbypocalypse over, and six months of Death Guard done, I found myself with a few more kits to paint up. So I did.

Fresh off the gross monster assembly line, thirty Poxwalkers, finished up today. These guys were sprayed brown, then lightly hit with a bone spray zenithal style. Then a whole bunch of contrast and washes, and then my favourite bit, the sponge! Rather than drybrushing a highlight layer I used a sponge to apply some bone in a semi-random speckled effect. Quick and dirty, and I'm happy with the results.

Next, more chaff. Cultists, painted in the same manner as the Poxwalkers. Again I'm really pleased with the sponging effect. Obviously the one with the claw is the champion.

While I was using the lightbox, I popped those Lunar Auxilia from Forsters Foundry I painted recently in there for a nicer photo.

Up next, a squad of ten Possessed Marines mashed together from the Shadowspear/Start Collecting Chaos Marines set, the Chaos Spawn kit and the bits box. My plan is to have them ride about in the big sac Rhino. I painted them in a similar manner to the Plague Marines, but being slightly smaller with more trim meant they needed a fair amount of clean up after the sponging. Noted for future reference.

And with the rest of the Spawn kit - a Spawn! Had to build one in case someone turns into one during their Crusade.

Speaking of Crusade, there's always a chance one of my characters might one day ascend to become a Daemon Prince, so I felt I need to make one of those too. I also had a Venom Crawler and a couple of Obliterators from the Start Collecting box, so they got bashed together with spawn bits and green stuff to make this... thing. Ta da!

And there we have it, the army is 'finished'. Sitting at around 2700 points I've got enough for a bit of variety now, with an assortment of characters, chaff infantry, tough elites and armoured units. Eventually I might revisit to add more stuff, but for now I'm calling it done! Hope you like them, and stay safe!

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