Thursday 15 December 2022

Recent Projects Round Up


So I've not posted that much recently, be here is a selection of recent projects that I've worked on that maybe weren't quite big enough to be their own blog post. I think these have all popped up on Instagram in the past few months, so if you follow me there you'll probably not see anything new. But in any case, for completeness, here we go:

First up we've got this trio of Ork characters. I do enjoy painting Orks, so this was a fun little project, but they aren't for my force so to match their Boyz they've got a bit brighter skin than I usually go and a load of blue on them. Damn those looting Deathskulls!

Next, some Xenomorph inspired Tyranids. Obviously also not for my collection, but another thing that I tend to like to paint! These black and toxic green bugs are going to be rampaging around inside a space ship in the Icaran Sector at some point, and there will also be more for me to paint soon!

Next, a fun single miniature project. I was asked to paint a character from an Ultramarines successor chapter to join a Black Consuls army with a selection of other characters from other painters. I took the opportunity to paint an Emperor's Spear, since ABD's Spear of the Emperor is my favourite Space Marine novel. I'm not normally a big fan of painting Imperial marines, but this guy is pretty fun and I did thoroughly enjoy painting the bird, which I intended to look like a Golden eagle

Finally I've got a couple of models painted 'for me'. These were both painted for a hobby discord Speed Painting challenge, where they each had to be painted in under an hour. I'm happy with the results for both of them, though the Owl is a bit small so was hard to photograph! It was a fun challenge, in both cases the trick was to avoid slow drying washes until the very end! The Orc with his tartan kilt came second in the first of these challenges, while the owl was the prize for that. He didn't win anything, but it was still a hoot taking part (pun intended), and I'll definitely be going again for the next one!

Hopefully you've enjoyed this little grab bag of stuff I painted. Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.


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  1. Nice work, mate. That Spear of the Emperor marine looks fantastic!


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