Monday 2 January 2023

2022 End of Year Review


As with previous years, here's a little bit of a review of this past year in the blog, and a bit of a look forward. Not really resolutions, more like guidelines.


Based on numbers, this was my 'worst' year of the blog with only 50 posts. However I do feel like I've covered a fair amount of stuff over the year but I have been 'slacking' in regards to posting about literally everything. Luckily no one is paying me for this and it's all for my own benefit anyway, so it doesn't really matter!

Battle Reports:

Quite a few of these this year, including a lot of Crusade content. I have been enjoying Crusade a lot but I've had somewhat mixed luck with getting games either cancelled or having to cut them short so they don't appear as full reports. On that note this was the first year that I missed some in person games on the blog (I have previously played TTS and not posted about it) either because I only took a few pictures or the game didn't reach a satisfying conclusion - in which case these games usually feature on Instagram instead. Notably I did get some AoS games in this year, finished off the Adeptus Titanicus narrative arc with The Claw and filmed a battle report for the Narrative Wargamer.

Hobby Stuff:

Plenty of hobby progress this year, though mostly not for myself. I completed large commissions for Tyranids and Kharadron Overlords, as well as a few fun smaller projects such as the Leagues of Votann launch box. For myself the year was bookended by a couple of cool Orky bits, and had some Tyranids to coincide with the new Codex.

Other Stuff:

'Other stuff' on the blog was somewhat lacking this year, almost everything fell into one of the two categories above. Of course away from the blog I have been getting in some other nerdy activities, including LARP, D&D and a bit of boardgamey stuff - I've recently been suckered into playing Blood on the Clocktower over discord and that's definitely a good laugh. It's possible I could write something about that in the future.

Looking Forward:

So the plan for the future is to keep going, more of the same! I'm hoping to play some games of various systems - possibly a cheeky bit of Bolt Action in there, and go to some more events. Another big tournament sometime in the year would be nice as well, hopefully winning a game or two this time! Now that I've broken the streak of battle reports I don't feel that I need to worry so much about covering all of them - but I will still continue with the prettiest and most interesting ones! Away from the table I'm hoping to continue with the hobby stuff a bit, though I'll be limiting my commissions to smaller projects to avoid burnout. For myself I plan to focus on Death Guard this year, in part because I picked up Mortarion for Chrimbo. And of course, with any luck there will be more Narrative Wargamer content to come! 

So that's that. The end of another year of Warhammer (unlikely to be the thing I'll remember 2022 for!). Roll on 2023.

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  1. Always interesting to hear about how you've been getting on dude, hope you have a great new year 🙂


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