Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Da Ork Project 2019


So, it's 2019 now, and my resolution of sorts is to sort out my current Snakebite Ork collection and get them up to standard for the 8th edition codex. This means some repairs, some repaints and a lot of rebasing! I took a while to decide if I was going to upgrade to the 32mm bases that Boyz now come with, but eventually I made that decision - it'll be a lot of work, but the bigger bases just make the Boyz look cooler to me.

First of all though, I had to go through my collection and sort out what needed to be done with what. With that in mind, here is the current force:

Yeah, that's around 300 minis, and over 7000 points. Included in the pile are 160 Ork Boyz, plus plenty of Tankbustas, Nobz etc that want the upgrade. Luckily there are a few units and characters, like the Flash Gitz and Meganobz, that can be scratched off the list immediately. And this isn't everything I found either. There is a small horde of Orks that have reached retirement age as well - units that either don't fit in with the current plans or I just want to update and redo.

These two index choices, the Mega Armoured and 'Biker' Warbosses, made the cut, ahead of the waves of Boyz. I'm still pretty pleased with how these guys ended up after several variants along the way. Long live the Index!

Flash Gitz forming the front rank here. I think these guys are more or less the most recent edition to the army, apart from the Gorkanaut, and they are good enough as is. Being the mercenaries they are, they fit neatly into a Snakebite list without costing me my Clan Kultur or anything.

Speaking of the 'naut, here he is alongside the other big boyz. Characters and Kans in front, Wagons to the side. I'm considering converting them up to represent the special Bonebreaker and Gunwagon options in the new codex, but I think ultimately they will stay as the standard Battlewagon, due to the open top ability making them a great platform for Lootas, Tankbustas or Flash Gitz, among other shooty Orks.

Nipper the Gargantuan Squiggoth and the Stompa, Da Toof Krusha. No bases to resize here! The Stompa does need his arm sticking back on though.

So there we have it. There are still a few noticeable missing units. I'm definitely planning to add in some Gretchin at some point, as well as a few more Snakebite themed units, such as boar riding Warbikers with the newer style boars, and possibly some Age of Sigmar big monsters re-purposed as Squiggoths, or counting as another Gorkanaut or a Bonebreaker. For now though, I'll just get this lot sorted out!


  1. I have recently started rebasing my boys using ttadapter base extenders.

    Much much easier than cutting them off the old ones.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m looking at various options for this, and to a certain extent it comes down to cost and availability. I might end up doing some bits with extenders and others with new bases, as there are a few very old, very sparse bases in there!

  2. That’s a seriously impressive collection, and I applaud your dedication to re-basing them! I’ve just bought a job lot of 32mm bases to put my genestealers on, though thankfully they’re not based at all yet!

    1. Thanks! It’s something to do isn’t it? Cheaper than buying a whole load more models!

  3. Stunning mob! I have the onerous task of rebasing my Relictors too. I’m using TTAdapters too, I did a tutorial they benefit from a small sanding to roughen the surface tohelp the paint and PVA adhere.