Friday, 12 June 2020

Chaos Daemons Army


More delving into the archives this time, looking at some old daemon models. As with the Tyranids last time, these were at one point my wife's army, but they differ in that various bits were painted by myself and added from other sources. They also differ in that they have been out of the box a few times over the years. They fairly frequently contribute to our D&D campaigns as various monsters, and some of them have appeared in a SorcererDave battle report.

Anyway, the army:

As you can see, it's quite a small army these days, and has a lot of old models. Apart from a few Bloodletters it's all metal. It's also pretty much all on the 'wrong' bases, but I've no desire to 'fix' that any time soon! It's also made up of a mix from daemons from all the Chaos gods, as was the fashion back in the day when there were no bonuses for fielding mono-faction daemons.

Right, let's start with the big red ones. The daemons of Khorne. The plastic Bloodletters here are pretty much the newest addition to the army, joining their metal hairy axe-wielding brothers. They are led by a Herald and a Bloodthirster, both converted by my brother who used to have a Khorne themed army. I've done a bit of touching up on the paintwork on them, but I couldn't replace the classic Black Templar marine held in the 'thirster's whip. He comes from a time when the Templars were annoyingly better in melee than Khorne Berserkers, so he is eternally held up there in his torment as punishment for GW's historically poor balancing.

Next is the Slaanesh contingent. A bunch of the NSFW Daemonettes and the Keeper of Secrets. These were all the wife's work, and that KoS is a bit of a highlight of the army with an 'inverse' paint job from the standard one. There are actually a chunk of daemonettes still to paint, and the metal Masque of Slaanesh, so they'll probably end up as a job for me sometime.

Tzeentch next. Quite a few of these, though no big chicken. There is a big blob of horrors, which in the old days were two units divided into pink and blue, when the rules were just 'horrors'. In there we have a purple robed figure made from a LotR Ringwrath, who has represented the Changeling. We also have nine Flamers, who are some of my favourite daemons and I got the chance to paint them. I decided to go for some pretty mad colours to divide them up into three units or just to mix them all into a mutli-coloured blob.

Lastly, we've got a little bit of Nurgle - some multicoloured Nurglings and a blob of Plaguebearers with a custom banner (these ones were painted by me), and then some 'undivided' units (though now of course they have to pick a side.) We've got some metal Furies, in all their fragile metal winged glory. Also a couple of Daemon Princes, one of which is really from my Alpha Legion, but I included here for completeness, and the other which is a Varghulf mini from Warhammer/AoS, intended to be the 'Alpha Fury'.

So there you go. As before, the nostalgia from getting them all on the table has me thinking about trying to play them in a game sometime. I don't think they would realistically make a usable 8th or 9th edition army on their own but they could certainly pop in as allies for the Fractured Truth somewhere down the line. So maybe you'll see them again at some point.

Hope you enjoyed this little slice of my nostalgia. Again, stay safe out there.


  1. Yeah some great old sculpts there and can’t help thinking today’s Daemons are a bit too bright and colourful compared to the 90’s view of Chaos. But I like my Daemons forthat same reason, bright and colourful palette cleansers inbetween Relictor Grey Armour.

  2. Some very tasty nostalgia here, and totally up my street. I've got literally hundreds and hundreds of old metal daemons, some of which have been rebased onto the current "correct" bases, while others languish in their foam prisons. Perhaps 9th will give me the kick I need to get them out and do something useful with them...