Friday, 22 October 2021

Narrative Wargamer Podcast - Hive of the Dead


I have to admit I've not been keeping up with posting about every Narrative Wargamer podcast on the blog - there's been a couple I've been in since the Fun Facts episode, but this one is a bit special. Halloween Special in fact! That's right, it's an extra spooky episode, where we play through a bit of lesser known Warhammer content, the choose your own adventure book: Hive of the Dead

In this episode I get to be a poor amnesia suffering Guardsman, waking up in a hive city that has been overrun with zombies (and worse). There's some sound effects and bonus voice acting as well, it's like we've got production values or something. I hope you check it out, and enjoy! Here's the PodBean link, or as you can see below, find it in your usual podcast places:

Hope you like it (and if you haven't checked out the podcast yet, the rest of it!) and stay spooky out there!

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