Monday, 25 October 2021

Nurgle Daemons - Pallid Hand Allies


More from the big Nurgle commission, this time some daemonic allies to the forces of the Pallid Hand. As with the Marines, this was all painted fast and dirty; sprayed light brown, zenithal bone, 'detail' - in this case contrast paints over most of the models, then sponge bone for highlights. Bit of static grass, black base rims and some Hexwraith Flame over eyes etc to finish off.

First up: Beasts of Nurgle.

Very fun kit with lots of crazy bits. I made an effort to distinguish the two with painting as well as construction, since in spite of all the variety they do all have the same basic pose. They also take up a lot of space on their bases so I opted to go for standard rather than fancy resin ones, with the addition of some bonus Nurglings. These did get an extra step, sponging on a light green or yellow over the main colour before the bone final layer, and I think it worked out really well on them.

The Plague Drones next. These are also some really cool, weird models, but they are a right pain to fit in a light box for photos together! Pretty happy with the purple flies, and especially the sponging effect on the wings.

Nurglings! The Little Lords were my favourite of the daemons (of course!) and I had fun making them all sorts of colours. Once again, the sponging really tied them together, hiding some slightly sloppy contrast application!

Next up, the Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle, with a couple of Nurglings of course! I'd been going over the gore bits on them with some gloss varnish to get a wet look, I think it's most noticeable on this one. His feet are attached to a bit of base texture so he got a standard base rather than resin - the extra Nurgling down there and some maggots should make up for it!

Finally, the Plaguebearers. I continued the multi-coloured theme from the Nurglings and the glossy gore from the Poxbringer. I'm particularly pleased with the metal on the banner here - I went over the brown/bone spray with Snakebite Leather contrast, then gave it a brassy dry brush, and finally of course the bone sponge. I just think it looks really battered and gnarly.

So there we have it, the forces of Nurgle straight from the warp! I hope you liked them - once again, the client seems pleased with my messy work! Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

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