Thursday 24 February 2022

'Sponge Nid' Project Part Four - Bigger Beasties


Ok, so we've looked at the little bugs, we've seen the medium bugs, and we've even had some pretty hefty bugs. Now it is time for some proper big gribbly monsters - The Swarmlord, a couple of flying Hive Tyrants and a pair of big snake beasts - the Trygon and Mawloc. Same methods as before, spraying and contrast, sponging over the green for texture, and extra detail where required. I also put a bit more effort in to the larger bases, as you'll see. 

Firstly, the big boss bug himself, the Swarmlord. As befitting an army leader I did a little extra work to make him stand out a bit - most notably some red wash on his bone sabres either side of the central ridge to make them look a little bit more alien and unnatural - as bone swords they are supposed to be psychically charged symbiotic organisms, not just big sharp lumps of bone. For the same reason I chose not to give him some blood splatters - I imagine the swords are hyper-smooth and blood just flies off them like water off a duck's back. I think it also give the impression of more of a commander than just a melee monster.

Next, first of the flying Hive Tyrants - this one with a full set of devourers (which hopefully will still be a legal loadout in the next codex!) Again, a bit of extra work, especially around the face, but also some more sponging over the majestic wings.

Similar work on the second flyrant, this one had been converted to have a double scything talon in one arm and barbed strangler in the other. He got some blood on those talons, as befitting a more 'boots on the ground' kind of leader.

The Trygon Prime, and fun with water effect. This big snake monster got some blood splatters, some yellow poison sacs and a lovely mucky pond to coil around. His tail is also pretty muddy thanks to all that swampy ground, but speaking of mud...

Finally the Mawloc, and something a little bit different. The model was supplied converted to be semi undergound, but in transport had broken a fair bit - I took the opportunity to strengthen it's bond to it's base with a whole load of greenstuff, with added cork for rocky chunks and then covered in mud effect texture paint. As you can see it's making a bit of a mess of that swamp as it tunnels through, churning up all the mud and rock below. I am particularly happy with how this one came out, and the Mawloc is a personal favourite Nid of mine - my one always seems to punch above it's weight by absorbing a lot of firepower or cheekily taking out a prized target.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these pics - they were pretty fun to paint! That was originally going to be the lot, but I've since received a bonus box to build up, with some more Zoanthropes and a few fun big monsters, so look out for that! Thanks for reading, and please, wherever you are, stay safe out there.

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