Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Fiery Fowlers


I recently finished painting the Halfling Blood Bowl team I've been working on, and I thought I'd show them off, along with their assorted accompaniments. But firstly, I finally settled on a name... Introducing The Fiery Fowlers (Sponsored by Nan Doe's Spicy Chicken)...

As previously mentioned here, this team is a kickstarter job from Star Player Miniatures. Also included were some dice, some markers and a pitch, as seen below:

The Fiery Fowlers will be ably assisted by their cheerleaders, the apothecary (well, tree surgeon) and of course the trusty chef!

The Star Player, liberating some lovely sausages from an unappreciative goblin.

The Mighty Treemen, numbers 2 and 3 doing tree stuff.

The Captain, Piggy Beefteeth (leading this lot will require some aid from the bottle), and players 4-9 line up.

Players 10-16 running and diving for the lunch line.

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