Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ad Mech Update - Kataphron Destroyers


I've done some more work on my Ryza Adeptus Mechanicus, finishing the 3 Plasma Culverin armed Kataphron Destroyers, boosting my existing unit to 6. Here they are:

As you might be able to see, I love the Forge World weathering powders, which were used extensively here, dulled down at the end with a blast of purity seal. I'm pleased with the overall look of the plasma glow (though it is not very impressive up close and in person, it does photograph quite well!) and with how well they match the previous 3, which I painted some time ago and since forgot all the steps I took! I also couldn't resist some pics of all 6 together:

Finally, since it is related, here is a sneaky peak at my army for my next game against John. No new models in this one but some sneaky individuals from the Wife's collection that haven't yet seen the table in 8th...

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