Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Pallid Hand Poxwalkers and Surgeon


More Nurgle stuff! You could say this is getting out of hand

So yes, more stuff for the Pallid Hand commission. Once again we are using washes, contrast and the sponge for highlights to get that grubby Nurgly look. It's basically the same technique I used on my own Poxwalkers, only I think I've improved on the overall look since then. It also helps that they have cool resin bases.

Along with these 'walkers I painted up a custom Plague Surgeon, converted from the Necromunda Rogue Doc, adding a few little Nurgly touches, including a half barrel over his shoulders to bulk him out a bit. At this stage I'd also run out of the appropriate sized resin bases, so he got a custom base as well with greenstuff 'plants' and a tentacle from one of the daemon kits. 

Hope you like them, and there's still more Nurgle goodness queued up for the next few blog entries, so hopefully you'll enjoy that too. Thanks for reading, and stay safe! 

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