Monday, 18 June 2018

Armiger Warglaives ready for paint


I've finally got the Armiger Warglaives from Forgebane built up and ready to paint! Here they are, along with a bonus Tech Priest Enginseer:

These kits were pretty straight forward to put together, and I had some fun with their big bases and some old resin basing kits I dug out. One of the Armigers is completely stock construction, the other has some minor adjustments. I've made the pics below black and white to make the details a little easier to see. 

While posing these guys I tried to get the one on the left to look like he's moving slowly and scanning for targets while the one on the right is striding forward about to swing his chain blade in an upward arc.

Side by side you can hopefully see that the left one has been positioned in a taller, more upright position. No plasticard or green stuff required for this, I simply cut the tabs off the ankle joints so they were just ball and socket and ignored the little bumps that align the legs to the hips in the recommended positions.

The other modification on the Armiger is a load of battle damage. I got the drill and knife out and 'attacked' from a consistent angle, trying to make it look like a concentrated barrage of autocannon shells or similar aiming for the head. Also an excuse to break that bloody railing bit under the top hatch. (Fiddly handles and ladders and stuff are pretty much the reason why I only have one Onager Dunecrawler.) While I had it to hand I also used the drill to drill out the meltagun barrels. Always drill your barrels!

This guy didn't photo well, but here he is anyway. Nice model, and it'll be good to have one that doesn't look suspiciously like a Cybernetica Datasmith with weapon swaps...

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