Saturday, 2 June 2018

Double Trouble Preview


In one week I will be attending Double Trouble, a 40k doubles tournament held at Element Games, run by Alex Brown of the From The Fang blog. Except it’s no ordinary doubles tournament, because your partner is randomly chosen. But you don’t get stuck with them, because in each game your partner is randomised again! Details here.

This is the third version of the event (I think), I went to the one two years ago, taking my Adeptus Mechanicus force that, at the time, was 750 points with literally everything, so it was a good fit. After dealing out two tablings (one of which was over the total number of Victory points of their starting army thanks to a summoned Bloodthirster) and being involved in a bloodbath of a loss I got to go home with a trophy. I had a great time.

This year I’m taking my Tyranids, and looking to similarly kill lots of stuff and more or less ignore objectives. I decided I’d take a small force that would work well as a block of melty death on it’s own, largely independent of whatever my partners are bringing. So it’s these guys:

They are a Battalion using Hive Fleet Jormungandr, and the list is something like this:

Hive Tyrant, Claws, Adrenal glands, the Miasma Cannon. His psychic powers are The Horror and Catalyst
Malanthrope - Warlord with the Insidious Threat trait

2 broods of 3 Ripper Swarms
17 Termagants

Heavy Support:
2 Tyrannofexes with Acid Spray

So the plan is everything bunches up into a bubble of -1 to hit, ignore cover and synapse except the Rippers who go off and do a token effort at claiming objectives or just get in the way of stuff. With Jormungandr these guys should be fairly tough and hopefully they can park up on turn 1 or 2 and start melting things. It’s probably (read: definitely) not the most optimised list, but it should be fun!

This is the first tournament I’ve been to since starting the blog, so hopefully I can take lots of pictures that don’t suck and post a nice report for you all to read. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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  1. Seems like a 'nice' little force, compact and tough with some tiny gribblies running round like little naughty kids.

    My Genestealer Cult is vapour thin. Sure I have a dozen Stealers and a Patriarch as the 'heavy' hitters but everything else is weak. Nevermind, I go for the fun 😉