Thursday 17 March 2022

'Sponge Nid' Project Part Five - Heckin' Chonkers


To finish off the big spongey Tyranid project, here are a selection of some very large bugs (and some bonus Zoanthropes). This is, for now at least, the last of this project so they'll be boxed up soon and sent on to a hopefully very happy client, but not before I post a load of pictures of the last few models - and I think I've saved the best for last here.

Before that though, a quick recap. I used a combination of 'cheating' techniques like sponging and contrast paints to get a nice natural looking, but fairly efficient and easily replicated scheme. I've painted a swarm of little bugs, a host of medium ones, a herd of Carnifexes and a selection of big monsters so far, and now:

First up, a pair of Tyrannofexes. These are another of my favourite Nids, so it was fun to paint them. As you can see they were struggling to fit in the light box!

The Acid Spray is my favourite of these weapons - it looks really brutal and it's always fun to spew out a wave of auto-hitting attacks, especially if they melt elite infantry or take out low flying aircraft!

The somewhat phallic Rupture Cannon is probably the 'standard' option for these guys, filling the long range anti tank roll that traditionally Tyranids struggle with (unless you have 18 Hive Guard...) - however at time of writing a new Tyranid Codex is on the way, so who knows which option will be the best? With that in mind they've been magnetised so the client can use whichever version they want...

...Including the usually weak but always cool looking Fleshborer Hive!

Next up, some extra Zoanthropes. Always useful bugs, they have been modified to be finless like the other three from the medium bug post. This was kind of a test of the painting method to see how consistent they are with previous versions. Turns out, fairly close!

All six together - new at the front and old at the back. I think it's pretty hard to tell (aside from the missing 'legs' on the original three) so I'll call that a win.

Finally, something truly alien...

The Haruspex! What an absolutely crazy kit, turning the gribbly factor up to eleven! Using the tongue colour for all of it's grasping jaw tendril things, and covering it all with blood and gore, makes it really stand out!

I've actually got this kit myself - I was waiting for a new Codex to decide how to build it for my Nids, but I think it has to be the old Grabby Tongue now. Having previously painted an Exocrine, I know that is also a cool model, but it's just not nearly as fun as this monster!

Anyway, I've had fun with this one, and I hope you've enjoyed reading along. Thanks for checking out the blog, and stay safe out there!

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